How can I add one item on Flipkart?

1. Sign into the Seller Portal
  1. With your username and password, sign into the Flipkart Seller Portal.
  2. Click on the ‘Listings’ tab and select ‘My Listings’.
  3. Click on ‘Add New Listings’ and then on ‘Add Bulk Listing’ on the top, right corner of your screen.

How can I add multiple addresses in Flipkart?

You must be logged in to your account to ship one order to multiple addresses
  1. Click on desired product.
  2. Select packaging.
  3. Select Size.
  4. Adjust quantity as desired.
  5. Click “ADD TO CART”

How can I order two products in myntra?

1- Open the order which has multiple shipments and then press the below-shown icon. 2- Select the packages to merge and then press Save button, it will give you a new package of whole items to take further action. Note: 1-This feature only allows for the custom orders and B2B orders of Myntra/AJIO/Jabong.

What is mean by Qty in Flipkart?

26. Qty is defined as an abbreviation for “quantity” and means the number or amount of something.

Can you ship to 2 different addresses?

How is mail with two (2) addresses handled? … When a mailpiece consists of both a street address and a Post Office™ Box address on two (2) lines, the United States Postal Service® priority will be to attempt delivery to the address immediately above the city, state, and ZIP Code.

Can I ship to 2 different addresses on Kohls?

If you want to ship items separately, you will need to place separate orders for each delivery address. If instead you are looking for information on recipient/envelope addressing, please click here!

Who is better Amazon or Flipkart?

Flipkart and Amazon who is better? A: Flipkart is trusted the most and Amazon gives better experience, says Survey. The e-commerce homegrown Indian player Flipkart has trusted Indian brands, but Amazon’s user experience is better. Thus, both companies are trusted brands in India.

What is the meaning of F assured in Flipkart?

Customers shopping on the Flipkart platform will see products identified by a ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge. This badge identifies high quality products that have passed six rigorous quality checks. They are packed to specifications, and dispatched safely for speedy delivery. These products are from our best sellers.

Can Flipkart assured products be fake?

In the case of product reviews on Flipkart, always look for Certified Buyer reviews as these have been contributed by verified buyers of the product. If the listed products have positive reviews left by Certified Buyers, you can rest assured that they are not fake products.

Who is the real owner of Flipkart?

Sachin Bansal
Sachin Bansal (born August 5, 1981) is an Indian entrepreneur. He is best known as the co-founder of Flipkart, that was acquired by Walmart (77 per cent stake) at $16 billion in 2018.
Sachin Bansal
Known for Co-founder and CEO Navi Group Co-founder and former CEO and chairman of Flipkart
Spouse(s) Priya Bansal

Is Flipkart Indian?

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and incorporated in Singapore as a private limited company. … In August 2018, U.S.-based retail chain Walmart acquired a 77% controlling stake in Flipkart for US$16 billion, valuing Flipkart at around $20 billion.

Who is the owner of the Flipkart?

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores from the United States, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.


What is the salary of Flipkart CEO?

CEO/MD/Director salary in Flipkart ranges between ₹ 360 Lakhs to ₹ 460 Lakhs.

Is Amazon an Indian company?

U.S., Inc. (/ˈæməzɒn/ AM-ə-zon) is an American multinational technology company which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Is RetailNet owned by Flipkart?

RetailNet is Flipkart own seller so don’t worry whenever you are buying from RetailNet. It is similar to Cloudtail Seller on Amazon.

What is the salary of Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth 2022: Salary, Business, Biography
Net Worth: $124 Billion
Salary: $12 Billion +
Monthly Income: $1 Billion +
Date of Birth: May 14, 1984
Gender: Male
Jan 13, 2022

What is the salary of Flipkart delivery boy?

Flipkart Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Delivery Boy is ₹16,074 per month in India, which is 0% lower than the average Flipkart salary of ₹16,155 per month for this job.

How much money does a delivery boy make?

Such delivery boys now earn between ₹ 25,000 and ₹ 50,000 per month, depending on factors such as the number of deliveries completed and the distance they cover, according to interviews with more than a dozen delivery staff and executives. It’s a sharp rise from the ₹ 10,000-25,000 the workers earned last year.