Who is the lover of Rebecca West?

H.G. Wells
At only twenty, after calling him “the Old Maid of novelists” in a scorching review of his novel Marriage, she had fallen madly in love with H.G. Wells — one of the era’s most venerated writers, twenty-six years her senior, married (to a woman who shared his skepticism about the institution of marriage), and the father …

What is Rebecca West known for?

Rebecca West, in full Dame Rebecca West, pseudonym of Cicily Isabel Andrews, née Fairfield, (born December 21, 1892, London, England—died March 15, 1983, London), British journalist, novelist, and critic, who was perhaps best known for her reports on the Nürnberg trials of Nazi war criminals (1945–46).

What was the surname of the english novelist and critic Dame Rebecca born in 1892?

Dame Cicily Isabel Fairfield DBE
Dame Cicily Isabel Fairfield DBE (21 December 1892 – 15 March 1983), known as Rebecca West, or Dame Rebecca West, was a British author, journalist, literary critic, and travel writer.

Rebecca West.
Dame Rebecca West DBE
Died 15 March 1983 (aged 90) London, England
Occupation Writer
Nationality British
Children Anthony West

Who Wrote return of the soldier?