How do you rearrange the order of photos in iPhoto?

All you have to do to rearrange the order of a specific number of photos is to create a customized album — which can contain as many photos as you want — then use Apple’s drag-and-drop feature to arrange them in whatever order you want.

How do you change the order of photos in photos on Mac?

Launch iPhoto on macOS 10.15 and move to the album in which you need to rearrange your photos. In the album, click on “View” > “Sort Photos“. Here you’ll have some sorting options to choose, select “By Title” and Ascending or Descending order below. Doing this, your photos will be rearranged by their Title.

How do I manually sort photos on Mac?

You can sort the photos manually in an album by dragging the photos into the order you want. Touch a photo, but do not force touch, then drag it to its new place.

How do I organize photos in iPhoto on my Mac?

Can I change the date on a picture in iPhoto?