How do I get my junior safety award pin?

Juniors earn this award by completing these five steps:

1 Find out what the most common injuries are for kids your age. Make a list of how to prevent them. Then do a home safety audit to check for dangers around the house. 2 Conduct an emergency evacuation drill of your home or the place your Girl Scout group meets.

Where does the Junior Aide patch go?

Where does the award go on their uniform? Juniors place this award under their Bridge to Junior Award (or under their membership year pins if they didn’t earn that award) and above their Brownie Wings.

How do I get my promise for my faith pin?

Each year, a Girl Scout can earn her My Promise, My Faith pin by exploring the Girl Scout Law and tying it directly to teachings from her faith.

How do you get a GS bronze award?

Steps to Earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award

Complete a Junior Journey (including the Take Action project at the end). Each girl going for the Bronze Award must complete a Journey before starting the Bronze project! Take Action! Enact your project plan, demonstrate leadership, and educate and inspire others.

How do you get junior detective badge?

Badge Information
  1. To earn this badge, complete the requirements in Junior It’s Your Planet Badge Activity Set. Find out where to place Junior badges & insignia.
  2. To earn this badge, complete the requirements in Junior It’s Your Planet Badge Activity Set.
  3. Find out where to place Junior badges & insignia.

Do Brownie badges go on junior vest?

Question: Can Juniors wear their Brownie bridging patch on their vest? Answer: If your Junior earned the “bridge to Juniors” badge, it is worn on the front of the vest. It is arc-shaped (like a bridge) and there are specific requirements to earn it. Juniors may also wear their Brownie Wings on the front of their vest.

What is Junior Aide Award?

You can earn your Junior Aide award by making and completing a plan to guide Girl Scout daisies or Brownies on one of their Journeys. This award is intended for Junior Girl Scouts to earn and place on their uniform sash or vest. Place this award directly beneath the Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts Award.

What percent of Girl Scouts earn the Silver Award?

10 percent
The Silver Award is the highest award that a Cadette Girl Scout can achieve and the second highest award in Girl Scouting. Only 10 percent of Girl Scouts earn the Silver Award. In order to achieve this award, both girls had to first complete a “journey.” which included a Take Action Project.

What’s a Girl Scout journey?

Girl Scout Journeys are multi-session experiences in which girls dig deeper into their interests and use the skills they gain along the way to make a difference in their community. While badges show the world you’ve learned a new skill, Journey awards say, “I found a way to make a difference.”

How do you earn your Brownie wings?

Wings: Third Grade Brownies who bridge to Juniors can also earn their wings. Wings are given when a girl “Fly’s Up” to Juniors. The wings are to be worn on the Girl Scout Junior Uniform.

What is the Girl Scout pin?

This pin worn by Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors and Girl Scout Adults signifies fulfillment of membership requirements. A Girl Scout can choose between this or the Traditional Membership Pin 09001. It is worn on the Insignia Tab on the left side of the uniform, centered above the heart.

What are the Daisy journeys?

Journey Awards

Like all Girl Scout journeys, ”Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden” focuses on the leadership philosophy of girls discovering (themselves and their values), connecting (caring and teaming), and taking action (to improve their communities and the world).

What does bridging mean in Girl Scouts?

Bridging is a beloved Girl Scout tradition that honors girls’ achievements throughout the year and celebrates their “crossing the bridge” to the next Girl Scout level. Bridging Basics. Many troops hold their bridging ceremony in May or June, and some tie it to the end of the girls’ current school year.

What are Brownie Girl Scouts?

Brownies. Brownies are in second and third grades (around ages 7–9). and earn triangular shaped Brownie Leadership Journey Awards and National Proficiency Badges. Their uniform consists of a brown vest or sash which may be worn with a white shirt and khaki bottoms or with an official Brownie uniform.

How do you get Daisy Journey Summit award?

The Journey Summit Award Pin is earned by girls who have completed three National Leadership Journeys at their grade level. The colored border around each pin corresponds to their grade level. This award is the highest award a Girl Scout Daisy and Girl Scout Brownie can earn.

What do the 3 fingers mean in Girl Scouts?

Girl Scout sign: Girl Scouts make the Girl Scout sign—raising three fingers of the right hand with the thumb holding down the pinky—when they say the Girl Scout Promise. The three fingers represent the three parts of the Promise.

How do you bridge a daisy brownie?

Bonus: Earn the Bridging Award in 3 Easy Steps
  1. Step One: Pass it On. Share your talents and skills by teaching younger Girl Scouts something you learned to do at your current level. …
  2. Step Two: Look Ahead. Find out what Girl Scouts at the next level do. …
  3. Step Three: Celebrate! Plan a ceremony!

How do you bridge brownies into juniors?

Bridging Step One: Pass It On!

Teach a group of Daisy Girl Scouts a favorite song, game, or craft from a Brownie Journey. Have girls talk to Daisies about their favorite Brownie memories. Tell the Daisies what they have to look forward to. Show them what skills girls learned as Brownies or pictures of favorite trips.

Can Girl Scouts retire a flag?

An American Flag retirement ceremony for Girl Scout group campfires. When the United States flag (Old Glory) becomes worn, torn, faded or badly soiled, it is time to replace it with a new flag. The old flag should be “retired” with dignity and respect befitting our nation’s flag.

Why are Girl Scout Brownies called brownies?

Brownie History

Lord Baden-Powell was familiar with the folk tales about helpful, magical “little people” called Brownies. They did good deeds in secret, and Baden-Powell thought that “Brownies” would be a fitting name for young girls who could learn to help their families and communities.

How many fingers is Scouts honor?

The three-finger salute is used by members of Scout and Guide organizations around the world when greeting other Scouts and in respect of a national flag at ceremonies.

Why do brownies fly up?

Why is it called “Flying Up”? Brownie leaders used to be called Brown Owls. When Brownie Girl Scouts moved up to the next level, their Brown Owl would give them one of her feathers so they could “fly” up. Brownie Wings were first used as a symbol of bridging in 1927 and they are still a sign of bridging to this day.

Can you cut up an American flag?

No one person or agency is authorized with retiring American flags – so consider a dignified DIY retirement. The Boy Scouts suggest cutting apart your flag, such that you do not cut through the blue field of stars (symbolically maintaining the union). Once cut apart, it ceases to be a flag.