How do you open a CD case?

How to Open a CD Jewel Case: 3 Simple Steps
  1. Hold the CD jewel case from the lid with your thumb and middle finger. …
  2. Using your index finger push in the middle of the lid down. …
  3. Lay the case on a flat surface to remove the disc.

How do you get a CD out of case without breaking it?

Press on the spidery thing in the middle, applying even pressure all round on a table surface, you will find the CD becomes a bit loose, then lift it with other hand placing fingers evenly so as not to distort the disc and lift without bowing – repeat.

How do you remove CD covers?

Find an old CD that you don’t listen to and whose case is in better condition than the one you’re trying to replace. Put your fingers under the part that holds the disk and pry upwards. Move your fingers down the length of the case until the bottom has popped out. Don’t worry!

How do you open a double CD?

What are CDs packaged in?

Optical disc packaging is the packaging that accompanies CDs, DVDs, and other formats of optical discs. Most packaging is rigid or semi-rigid and designed to protect the media from scratches and other types of exposure damage.