What does Nanaimo mean in English?

Nanaimo, city, southwestern British Columbia, Canada, on Vancouver Island and the Georgia Strait. … In 1860 the settlement was renamed Sne-ny-mo (whence Nanaimo) from an Indian word meaning “a big, strong tribe,” which was applied to a tribal confederation.

Is Nanaimo poor?

17.3% of Nanaimo’s population lives in poverty. … There were 1,430 more seniors living in poverty in 2017 than in 2012 – 11.5% of Nanaimo’s seniors live in poverty. The median income for a single person in Nanaimo is $29,340.

Is Nanaimo a good place to live?

Living and working in Nanaimo is sustainable, invogorating, and promotes a balanced quality of life. With a living wage significantly lower than that of Victoria, Vancouver, and comparable regions, the Mid VI is refreshing place to make a living, go out and explore, and come home to.