How long does 1800 contacts take to arrive?

5 to 7 days
Notes on free shipping

1-800 Contacts offers ground shipping (which takes 5 to 7 days) for free. Note that this is pretty standard for companies that ship contacts.

How long does it take for contact lenses to arrive?

Free standard shipping on contact Lenses is 5-7 business days, depending on the prescription verification process.

Does 1800 contacts call your doctor?

By law, we have to verify your prescription to make sure the contacts we’re sending out are correct. We can contact your eye doctor’s office for you, but it can take up to one business day to hear back from them. … If you’re in a pinch, we also offer next business day delivery so you’re never stuck without your contacts.

Is 1800 contacts cheaper than Walmart?

Lens types include single-vision, bifocals and multifocals, toric lenses for astigmatism, and color lenses. The 25% discount helps cut costs for more expensive contacts. … That’s cheaper than 1800contacts’ price of $75.99 per box, and Walmart costs $78 per box, even if you shop in bulk.

Does 1 800 Contacts verify prescription?

We’ll verify your contact lens prescription with your eye doctor as soon as possible. If you would like your order to ship immediately, you can fax your prescription to 1-800-875-9851 or email it to Please put your customer number on the contact lens prescription before faxing or emailing it.

Can you cry with contacts on?

Is it bad to cry with contacts in your eyes? It’s safe to cry with your contacts in as long as you avoid touching your eyes. … If you rub, swipe or blot at your eyes with tissues, you could also rip or tear a soft contact lens. Even a tiny rip or tear in a contact lens can cause eye pain, irritation and more tears.

Who owns 1800contacts?

AEA Investors is an American middle market private equity firm. The firm focuses on leveraged buyout, growth capital, and mezzanine capital investments in manufacturing, service, distribution, specialty chemicals, consumer product, and business services companies in the middle market.


Will contacts freeze in the mail?

Yes they can, typically at just below freezing temperatures regardless of brand or type.

What does OD mean in contacts?

When you look at your prescription for eyeglasses, you will see numbers listed under the headings of OS and OD. They are Latin abbreviations: OS (oculus sinister) means the left eye and OD (oculus dextrus) means the right eye.

Who owns ContactsDirect?

the Luxottica Group
They’re owned by the Luxottica Group, an international eyewear retailer based in Milan, Italy. They market themselves as the most affordable place to buy contact lenses online. ContactsDirect offers $100 discounts if you choose their “annual supply” option, and they also offer price matching with their competitors.

Where is the best place to order contacts?

Top 8 online contacts sellers
  • 1-800 Contacts.
  • ContactsDirect.
  • LensCrafters.
  • Warby Parker.

What is presbyopia in the eye?

Overview. Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects. It’s a natural, often annoying part of aging. Presbyopia usually becomes noticeable in your early to mid-40s and continues to worsen until around age 65.

How long does contacts direct take to ship?

We offer the following shipping options: Standard 7-10 business days – Free! Priority 3-5 business days – $11.99. Express 1-2 business days – $19.99.

Do contacts expire?

All contact lenses come with an expiration date, which can easily go unnoticed. These numbers are found on the package itself and are listed as year/month. The expiration dates on contact lenses are based on the date they were manufactured, not the date of purchase.

How long do contacts last?

Disposable lenses will generally last between one day to one month, while hard lenses (RGP and PMMA) can last up to one year or longer. You can start using contact lenses right away with approval and a prescription from your eye doctor.

Is GlassesUSA com legit?

GlassesUSA is a reliable site to order glasses, sunglasses, and contacts from. Their prices are competitive and the ordering process is convenient. Their 14-day return window is a bit short, but is effective. Their 100% money-back guarantee makes them a great choice for your first time ordering online.

Is OD left or right eye?

O.D.- This is oculus dexter, meaning right eye. O.S.- This is oculus sinister, meaning left eye. O.U.- This is oculus uterque, meaning both eyes. Along the top, you might see different verbiage that generally has to do with measurements related to different aspects of your vision.