How many global asax files exist in ASP.NET web application?

They defined methods for a single class, application class. They are optional, but a web application has no more than one global. asax file.

How many web Com fix files can be there in ASP.NET application?

There is no restriction to use the web. config file in the web application. You can have 1 Web. config file per folder .

What is global asax file in ASP NET MVC?

The Global. asax file is a special file that contains event handlers for ASP.NET application lifecycle events. The route table is created during the Application Start event. The file in Listing 1 contains the default Global. asax file for an ASP.NET MVC application.

What are the methods available in global asax?

Methods in Global. asax
  • Application_Start.
  • Application_BeginRequest.
  • Application_AuthenticateRequest.
  • Session_Start.
  • Application_EndRequest.
  • Session_End.
  • Application_End.
  • Application_Error.

What is global ASAX CS?

Global. asax is an optional file which is used to handling higher level application events such as Application_Start, Application_End, Session_Start, Session_End etc. It is also popularly known as ASP.NET Application File. This file resides in the root directory of an ASP.

How many Web config files can be there in ASP.NET application Mcq?

There can be one web. config file in every sub folder of the application.

What is use of global asax file in ASP.NET Mcq?

ANSWER: Global.asax

It is used to serve application-level and session-level events.

Why is global asax used?

Mostly used for application and session start/end events and for global error handling. The Global. asax file is an optional file used to declare and handle application and session-level events and objects for an ASP.NET web site running on an IIS Web Server.

Why is Google asax is used?

asax file, also known as the ASP.NET application file, is an optional file that contains code for responding to application-level and session-level events raised by ASP.NET or by HTTP modules. The Global. asax file resides in the root directory of an ASP.NET application.

Can we use multiple web config in site?

Yes you can have two web. config files in application. There are situations where your application is divided in to modules and for every module you need separate configuration. For example if you have a application which has two modules lets say accounts and sales.

How is ASP.NET different from classic ASP?

“Classic” ASP uses vbscript for its code. ASP.NET allows you to use C#, VB.NET and other languages. ASP.NET gives you access to all the tools which come with the . NET framework and allows you to write object-oriented code.

Why is global asax is used declare global variables implement application and session level events no use?

asax used? The Global. asax file, also known as the ASP.NET application file, is an optional file that contains code for responding to application-level events raised by ASP.NET or by HttpModules.

Which types are supported by CTS Mcq?

CTS defines two main kinds of types that should be supported: reference and value types.

What is viewstate used for?

View state is used automatically by the ASP.NET page framework to persist information that must be preserved between postbacks. This information includes any non-default values of controls. You can also use view state to store application data that is specific to a page.

Which can manage states in ASP.NET application using?

  • Question – We can manage states in application using.
  • Options – Session Objects. Application Objects. Viewstate. All of the above.
  • Correct Answer – All of the above.

How do you manage state in ASP.NET application?

Application state is stored in a key/value dictionary that is created during each request to a specific URL. You can add your application-specific information to this structure to store it between page requests. Once you add your application-specific information to application state, the server manages it.

Which of the following object is used along with application object?

Lock() and UnLlock() method(s) are used with Application object to ensure only one process accesses a variable at a time.

What is the file extension used for ASP.NET files?

ASP.NET pages have the extension . aspx, and are normally written in VB (Visual Basic) or C# (C sharp). User controls in ASP.NET can be written in different languages, including C++ and Java.

Which object in ASP.NET provides a global storage for state management in a given Web application?

Application state is a global storage mechanism that saves data that can be accessed from every web page in a web application. The data that is saved in the application variable is maintained between every request that is sent to the server.

What is difference between session and application state?

A session is usually for a user and only lasts from when they login to when they logout (or get timed out). Application State has a much longer lifetime, is shared between all users, and is only cleared when the process is restarted.