How much does Tom premium cost?

A TOM Premium membership costs the exact same (billed every 90 days at $14.99), but includes numerous other benefits in addition to full ANiUTa access—making the TOM Premium x ANiUTa package the hands-down best value for officially licensed, unlimited anime music available anywhere.

How much is Tom premium monthly?

At the most approachable price point, Premium Tom is $11 per month, or $110 if purchased annually. Super Premium Tom is a secondary, ad-free listening option at $19 per month, or $199 if purchased annually.

Do you have to pay for Tom premium?

When you place an order and join TOM Premium, you will be charged for the total membership fee upfront. You will not incur any charges for TOM Premium until your next scheduled auto renewal date, at w…

What does Tom premium do?

A premium member experience designed to help you enjoy otaku life on a whole new level, with exclusive discounts, content, rewards and more! The membership includes exclusive sales, coupons, and gift renewal points of up to 125% your membership fee everytime you renew, available for use immediately!

Can you cancel Tom premium?

You can cancel your next membership renewal from your TOM Premium Membership dashboard, but will lose access to all present and upcoming benefits for members after your membership expires.

Does Tokyo Otaku Mode ship to UK?

If Tokyo Otaku Mode doesn’t ship to your country, then you need to ship your items to a US/UK package forwarder who’ll then ship your package to your international location. … Also, if you have any issues placing your Tokyo Otaku Mode order, MyUS’s concierge service can place the order for you.