How do I start being goth?

How to Get into the Goth Scene
  1. Look into the Goth Scene. The first and most important thing to do when trying to be a part of the goth scene is research.
  2. Listen to Goth Music.
  3. Wear Gothic Clothing.
  4. Think Goth.
  5. Watch the Classics.
  6. Time to Get-Gothing!

How can I look more goth at school?

Are Goths middle class?

Use dark shades of eyeshadow, like black, gray, and purple. Black mascara and black eyeliner will make your eyes look more defined and dramatic, but don’t be afraid to choose different colors, like blue or green, for an eye-catching effect. Do a simple eyeliner application or do something more dramatic, like a cat eye.

Can you be goth at any age?

Can I be goth without makeup?

“It’s a relatively middle-class subculture, so despite … all the going out and being into the music, goths have always had a fairly positive view of people who are also achieving academically.” It means goths may have better career options than an outsider might expect.

How do school uniforms look emo?

You are never too old to be goth. As long as you love the subculture/lifestyle (and can afford it), there’s never a need to stop.