What treats are good for chinchillas?

What is a chinchillas favorite treat?

What treats do chinchillas like? Small amounts of dried fruit and root vegetables, such as raisins, sultanas and carrots. Some sources recommend nuts and seeds as treats but you must bear in mind the high fat content in those.

What do chinchillas like to snack on?

According to our online community of chinchilla owners, the most popular and healthy treats for chinchillas are Timothy Hay, Rosehips, Plain Cheerios, dried calendula, and goji berries. They all have their own favorites and one of our community’s chins LOVED flowers, willow and grape leaves, and rosehips!

What should you not give a chinchilla?

Cardboard boxes, such as empty cereal and granola bar boxes make great toys (especially if you stuff them with hay!). Commercially available toys made from timothy hay are excellent as well. Your chinchilla may also enjoy natural wood blocks or branches to chew on.

What is a chinchillas favorite food?

DO NOT FEED your chinchilla with the following: asparagus, avocado, peas, cabbage, corn, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, rhubarb and rhubarb leaves. Other dangerous foods are banana, sunflower seeds and peanuts. This list is not exhaustive, and if in doubt as to whether something is safe to feed it is best to avoid.

How often should I give my chinchilla a treat?

Do chinchillas need a friend?

If you ask your chinchilla what their fave treats are, dried cranberries and raisins are at the top of their list. However, they should not be given more than once or twice a week. Raisins are very high in sugar (70% sugar), and a chinchilla’s daily diet should be made up of no more than 4% sugar.

How long do chinchillas last for?

Treats (including fruits and veggies) are great for encouraging interaction between you and your pet, but they should only be given after daily foods have been eaten. Offering too many treats can cause your chinchilla to refuse his healthy, essential foods as well as put him at risk for illness.

How often do chinchillas need a dust bath?

Do chinchillas like to be held?

Chinchillas need: Keeping with at least one other friendly chinchilla, unless advised otherwise by a vet/clinical animal behaviourist. Chinchillas can be kept as male/female pairs* or single relationship groups. They¿re naturally sociable, living in groups in the wild.

Is it better to have 1 or 2 chinchillas?

Do chinchillas feel love?


Do chinchillas like to be held and cuddled?

4 times per week

Are chinchillas high maintenance?

In very hot, humid weather or climates, chinchillas often need access to their dust baths closer to 4 times per week. In cold weather or otherwise dry environments, they may only need to bathe twice a week. It is also important to control the duration during which your chinchilla has access to their bath.

What happens if you pull a chinchillas tail?

Can you hold a chinchilla?

They are active and playful and, with gentle handling from a young age, most chinchillas become quite tame and can bond closely with their owners. But don’t expect them to like being held and cuddled like dogs and cats. They usually don’t, although they’ll express their affection for you in other ways.

Are chinchillas aggressive?

No, chinchillas do not necessarily do better in pairs.

Some chinchillas are very social and will pair and socialize well with other chinchillas in the same cage. Other chinchillas may not do well in pairs. It’s possible your chinchillas will not get along and cause harm to each other.

How high can chinchillas jump?

Yes, chinchillas are affectionate.

They prefer not to be overly handled or cuddled, but they do show affection in various other ways. And, good news for us, they become especially affectionate and loving towards their owners.

Do chinchillas have to be in a cage?

Chinchillas are commonly bred as pets in the U.S. and are available from reputable breeders, pet stores and rescue groups. They tend to be affectionate, curious and social animals that can bond closely with their owners and generally like to be held close and cuddled.

What diseases can chinchillas get?

Chinchillas are pretty low maintenance.

Once you have a cage set up, all they need is refilled water, food, and hay every day, and weekly cage cleanings & new things to chew.

Do chinchillas like cages?

Fur slip is a defensive mechanism by which a chinchilla will lose a patch of hair or skin, or possibly even slide all the skin and hair off the end of the tail so that when they are grabbed by a predator it just gets a mouth full of hair and skin instead of the whole chinchilla.