How do I pick a RuneScape name?

To change a display name, a player must visit the Account Management section of the RuneScape or FunOrb website and select ‘Change your display name’. He or she can then choose a new display name for his or her character. A player successfully changes their display name.

Can you change your name on RuneScape?

If you are a member you can change your character name once every 28 days via Account Settings. If you don’t want to wait 28 days, you can redeem a Bond and change your name instantly. Select Change Character Name in your Account Settings and login to the correct account.

WHY WONT RuneScape let me pick a username?

If you can’t obtain your desired character name it will be for one of the following reasons: The name is being used by another player. The name is still reserved to another player. The name is offensive or deemed inappropriate.

Is Selling RuneScape names allowed?

It is against our Real World Trading rule to trade character names if it involves real life money. We do not recommend trading names between accounts. Using multiple accounts to store lots of desirable names with the intention to sell them for profit later is called ‘hoarding’.

How long can a RuneScape name be?

and 12 characters

How often can you change your RuneScape name?

Limitations of usernames

Usernames must be between 1 and 12 characters long. Usernames may only contain alphanumeric characters, the space, and hyphens (-). Any other characters are replaced with a space. Usernames cannot start with or end with a space, but can have any number of spaces between.

Where can I sell my Osrs name?

once every 28 days

Where can I buy a rs3 name?

Members receive a free character name change once every 28 days. If you’d like to change your character name more frequently, you can redeem a Bond for an instant name change. Before you redeem a Bond please be aware that: Your name will change on both your RuneScape and Old School profiles.

How do I charge my Vitur scythe?

Sythe is a free market and does not charge any money, making it the best place to trade Runescape items and names. Sign up for free!