What is an impossible person?

What are the characteristics of a difficult person?

In the impossible person’s mind, you are the problem, and nothing you say can convince the person to see your side of the story. They feel that your opinion doesn’t matter because you are guilty, regardless. Think about what you are going to say before you say it and what your goal for the conversation is.

How do you deal with difficult people you can’t avoid?

What are the characteristics of a difficult person?
  • It’s all about them. Difficult people are dramatic and they are fueled by reactions from others.
  • They don’t do a favor without collecting.
  • They are victims.
  • They can be oblivious.
  • They whine, blame and gossip.

How do you talk to difficult people?

How To Deal With Difficult And Toxic People You Can’t Avoid
  1. Check your mental attitude.
  2. Acknowledge it’s not personal.
  3. Have gratitude.
  4. Hit the ‘reset’ button daily.
  5. Don’t lose your sense of humor.