How do I permanently delete my Kakaotalk account?

How do I delete my minds account?

How to delete Minds com account
  1. Reach out directly to Minds com via Justuseapp.
  2. You can send an email to requesting that they delete your account.

How do I delete an email address from Kakaotalk?

Click “Edit Profile”. Click “Add an email address” and add the correct one. You can delete the incorrect or unwanted email address from your account after adding and verifying the new one. Just click on the unwanted one and then select “Remove“.

How do I logout of Kakaotalk IOS?

Can you have 2 Kakao accounts?

KakaoTalk users to be able to make multiple profiles. Kakao said Thursday that the company will add a new visibility setting to its messenger application KakaoTalk to protect the privacy of users. The new visibility setting is to allow users to control what others see about you across KakaoTalk services.

Does Kakao delete inactive accounts?

When a user has never logged to the service with the account within four years after being temporarily disabled, the separately-kept Kakao Account and personal information shall be destroyed and deleted. Kakao Accounts temporarily disabled and separately kept more than four years shall be thereby deleted.

What happens when you delete your Kakao account?

Once you delete your Kakao Account, you can no longer use Kakao services including Kakao Story and Kakao Games. When you unregister from Kakao Talk and Kakao Story, your Kakao Account will also be deleted as long as you don’t have any other services linked to your Kakao Account.

Why is my Kakao account banned?

Use of Account and Service may be restricted.

If your activities violate the relevant laws and regulations, terms and conditions, or operation policies, the Company shall be able to restrict your Kakao Account and your use of Services to protect other users.

How do I find my Kakao account?

You can find your Kakao Account with name or ID used in your profile on KakaoTalk or KakaoStory and the phone number you used to sign up for KakaoTalk. – Is a Kakao Game installed on your phone? Open the app, and tap on the gear-shaped Settings icon and get the Kakao Member Number.

How do I find my Kakao nickname?

Tip: You can see your KakaoTalk userID, nickname, and e-mail address by tapping on More again, then going to Profile. This might not mean a lot at the moment but becomes crucial if you ever forget your password, so jot the information down somewhere safe.

How do I reset my Kakao account?

How do I logout of Kakao mobile?

  1. If you’re on Android, it seems you can only delete (or ‘unregister’) your account via the app. If you want to log out, you can go to:
  2. System Settings (of Android) > Apps > KakaoTalk > Clear Data.
  3. This should delete all data associated with that app so that the next time you launch it, it’s like a fresh install.

How do I access my Kakao email?

Press the ‘More’ tab in your KakaoTalk to check your mail. KakaoTalk has all your company, school and personal emails in one place! Your Talk assistant Jordy will give you a preview of emails that arrive in your inbox and help you send simple replies.

How do I change my Kakao password?

Can I change my KakaoTalk email?

You can‘t change, if you want to you have to create a new account. With this app, you can freely ask native speakers as many questions as you want!

Can I change my KakaoTalk ID?

@djasonnam You can‘t change your KakaoTalk ID once you create one. The only way to change it is to unregister from the service and reset it.