Having kids is a blessing that you should never take for granted.

They make you do things that make them feel happy and appreciatedSometimes they will demand that you be part of their hide and seek game and the best thing to do is to fulfill their desiresOther than engaging in games, there are other activities that help you bond more with your kids.

One of those activities could be drawing. Your kid could be having a strong passion for jet planes and may ask you to help him/her draw it. If you don’t know how to draw the jet, there is no reason to be hard on yourself. This article will give a step by step approach of drawing a jet.

  1. Decide on How to Do it

When drawing a jet, you want it to look much realistic as it can. Do not draw something that is out of this world. As such, ask yourself whether you can draw a jet without looking anywhere or you have to get the whole idea from a photo.

If you must draw a jet by looking at a photo, ensure the photo is clear, and you won’t miss anything. At least, be sure to include the key parts of the jet plane. Do not be too hard on yourself. Accuracy is not a must, but your jet must look realistic. The main parts that your jet should have are the cockpit, body, wings, and engines. These are the parts that will determine how realistic does your jet look.

  1. What Do You Need?

Drawing a jet plane requires that you be attentive; otherwise, you may end up with a diagram that is not appealing. To ensure you come up with a good diagram, here are the materials you need;

  • Pencil
  • Rubber – When you make errors, you don’t have to mind since you can erase any errors.
  • Ruler (this should help you draw straight lines when drawing boxes, rectangles, and wedges)
  • Drawing paper
  • Markers for decorations
  • Felt tip pen

Ensure you have a spacious working area with no distractions. You should exercise a high level of concentration when drawing your diagram. Therefore, make sure that the working table is clean.

  1. Getting Down to Work

Follow all these steps to ensure you get it right.  Ensure you are using a quality pencil that is well sharpened. This ensures that your work is appealing to your eyes.

Start of the process by drawing the body plus the nose.  Draw a large flat box at the center of the drawing paper. You should be able to see three faces of the box; the upper side, the right side, and the front side. On the front side, draw something that resembles a rugby ball. In other words, draw an oval shape. Make sure the oval shape points forward. This will be your cockpit area.

This is where the pilot plus the copilot seat. Make sure that you do it right as this is the diagram that will give you the foundation of drawing other parts of the jet. The good thing about drawing a jet is that it is not complicated once you know the trick. Follow this guideline keenly.

Now once you are through, you must be aware that jets have windows which act as the door as well for the jet fighters. Therefore, it is good that you sketch it on the diagram to show it.  Draw an oval shape inside the bigger oval shape you had drawn earlier. If possible, use a pencil of a different color.

Draw two large wedges, and this will be the wings. Also, a jet must have tails. Therefore, include two small wedges at the back. You must be asking yourself where you draw these two large wedges. Well, the large flat box you drew is where you draw the two large wedges on both the left and right of the box.

Hint: draw them on the two length sides of the box.

You should now add the tails fins. Draw two rectangles on each side of the jet. The length of both rectangles should be equal to the length of the body. Add two fat bullet shapes to the back; this will be the engines of the jet. It is always good to highlight these parts with a different pen so that it can be visible. Finalize this step by drawing two tall fins at the back of the plane

Draw intakes near the cockpit area. On both wings, sketch narrow rectangles and two long semicircles on en each side of the jet body. Ensure you highlight these parts to make sure they are highlighted.

Now you will notice that your jet plane looks more real. The only thing remaining is highlighting the key parts of the jet plane. You should highlight around the following; cockpit, body, wings, and engines.

You can decorate your plane using the color mark. The color to use purely depends on you. We recommend that you use the felt tip pen to trace the lines you drew with the pencil. Congratulations, your diagram is now complete.

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