Whether you are an 8-year-old kid or an 80-year-old man, it is natural to be a fan of monster trucks.

The behemoth machines designed for a sport on special tracks fascinate people across genres and age groupsWhile you may not own them, you are sure to be inclined to have them in the form of an illustration or a simple drawing.

What is a Monster Truck?

A monster truck is a car built especially with huge wheels and a very powerful engine. Each tire is about 66 inches in height and the engine generates between 1500 to 2000 horsepower.

  • In other words, it is an automobile that has a look and performs like no other. It is huge and intimidating. In addition, such trucks are designed not for driving on ordinary roads but for special competitions where they can be maneuvered for jumping over special obstacles.
  • Because of their unique design they can perform various acrobats. For instance, a driver can perform backflips and drive these beasts vertically on 2 wheels. Therefore, special skills are required to handle these behemoths which can be developed at a university specially created to train people to handle them.

Each truck is about 12 feet wide and equally tall. It weighs about 10000 pounds. In addition, it costs about 2,50,000 US Dollars to build each one of them. For more details look at this YouTube video.

  • A monster truck is actually a car fabricated to look like a truck.
  • It has very huge wheels and a powerful engine.
  • Each tire is about 66 inches tall.
  • The body of the monster truck stretches 12 feet horizontally as well as vertically.
  • They weigh about 10000 pounds.
  • They can perform skilled maneuvers.
  • The monster trucks have the ability to do backflips and can be driven vertically on 2 wheels.
  • Special mud tracks are created to drive them on.
  • Drivers are trained specially to handle these machines at a university built for the purpose.
  • Each monster truck costs about 250000 US Dollars.

How to Draw a Monster Truck Step by Step?

Drawing a monster truck fascinates kids and the aged alike. The adrenaline flows at the sheer thought of stroking the pencil and creating those huge wheels and the gigantic body. In other words, the art of making a monster truck gives a kick like no other creative work. Therefore, not surprisingly many people like this to a state of bliss one achieves through meditation. So here you go. Watch this video for a detailed illustrative description of making a monster truck.

  • Start by creating a silhouette of the monster truck by making the outline with light lines with a soft pencil. In other words, don’t make the outline dark and strong. It should just be a silhouette.
  • Then move on to drawing 2 large circles. Remember the huge tires of this behemoth machine are what make it stand out from other automobiles. Therefore, pay the attention it deserves while drawing the large circles along with the outline of the entire truck.
  • Attach the monstrous wheels just below the body with simple lines. These lines represent the suspension element of the monster truck.
  • In the next step create the body of the truck with a sharp and dark pencil. Create the outline of the front part of the cabin along with the huge tires. Now move on to the back part of the truck. Slowly start clearing the drawing of all the rough lines and edges to get a clearer picture of the illustration.

Add Shadows

Finally, add some shadows to give it a realistic look. Use a sharp, dark pencil to finish the product.

  • Drawing a monster truck fascinates kids and the aged.
  • Creating this behemoth machine on a piece of paper makes the adrenaline flow.
  • Use both a soft as well as a dark, sharp pencil.
  • For instance, use the soft pencil to draw a silhouette of the truck.
  • Start from the body and then go to the huge tires.
  • You can also reverse the order of this drawing.
  • Once the silhouette is complete, clean the edges and rough lines.
  • Use a sharp, dark pencil to make the silhouette look realistic.

Finally, Some Tips on how to Draw a Monster Truck

To get the perfect monster truck on a piece of paper is an art. It requires diligence and patience to perfect the making of a monster truck. Children and the aged alike fancy drawing the illustration of this huge machine. Though not very difficult, there is a process to make the truck look perfect and realistic.

  • Use a clean sheet of paper. For instance, a coarse paper will not work in this case.
  • Keep both a soft as well as a sharp pencil handy.
  • Use the soft pencil to create a light silhouette of the truck.
  • Only once the silhouette is perfect, move on to sharpening the outlines and clearing the rough edges of the drawing.
  • Add details to make the drawing look realistic.

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