How do I look like Ash in Pokemon?

Does Ash wear a backpack?

Just like Smeargle, the Pikachu will photobomb your shot in the corner, and then appear on the overworld map to catch once you close out the photo mode. Ash can also appear in the corner, pressed up against the screen of your phone. Seeing him will also spawn the Ash hat Pikachu.

How do you dress like ash in Pokemon sword?

Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum’s style can be described as sporty, casual, and 90s inspired. On his bottom half he wears simple blue jeans and 90s style sneakers. Some of the accessories he has on him include a pair of green fingerless gloves, and brown belt, and a green backpack, along with his Pokeballs of course.

What skin color is Ash from Pokemon?

Why did Serena cut her hair?

My Rating
Hair style Short and shaggy
Eye color Brown
Skin Ton Tan
Home region Pallet town / Kanto

How do you dress up like Ash?

She sobbed while looking past the shining moon in that episode. But she overcomes it and with attitude decided to look forward it. Now to move on she decided to cut her hair. Now cutting hair as per dome eastern culture symbolises a boost of confidence and overcoming from a loss.

Who is Ash’s girlfriend?

What is Ash’s eye color?


Does Ash marry Misty?

Serena is a Pokemon trainer who has a crush on Ash Ketchum . She briefly met him at Professor Oak’s Summer Camp in Pallet Town years ago.

Does Ash ever have a girlfriend?

Well Ash is a 10 year old boy, it makes sense for him to act as he did in this series.

Who married Ash?

Does Ash love Misty or Serena?

Ash’s eye color was mostly black but there are some scenes it is shown to be brown, but in Best Wishes, his eyes were changed so that it would be obvious that his eyes are brown or brownish red.

Does Brock ever get a girlfriend?

Many fans take this as proof that Ash and Misty ended up together, and that Ash bequeathed his Pikachu onto his daughter. This would most likely have meant the end of the Pokémon anime as we know it today.

Does Lillie love Ash?

Ash Ketchum doesn’t officially have a girlfriend, but one of his traveling companions – Serena – is certainly his love interest. She definitely likes him and it is pretty clear that Ash likes her back.

Who loves Ash the most?

Once everyone was at the altar, it was time for Kukui to give the vows. He started out by saying “It’s a pleasure all of you came today to witness the marriage of Ash Ketchum and Serena Moreau. These two decided they were a perfect match for each other for the rest of their lives.

Who is prettier Misty or Serena?

Who is best for Ash Misty or Serena?

Ash shows Serena more affection and consideration than he has past travel companions throughout the series. He worries about her feelings and is more touchy-feely with Serena than he is with other companions, placing a hand on her shoulder and even holding her hand in one episode.