It is not a surprise to find a good number of people who do not know the importance of the sugar cane plant.

If you belong there, don’t be too hard on yourselfWell, sugarcane is a magical plantIt contains sucrose that sugar making company use in their productionApart from that, sugar cane is known to carry numerous health benefitsYou can buy raw sugar cane from a grocery store near youIn this article, we would like to show you how to eat sugarcane for maximum enjoymentRead through the article to learn more.

  1. Where to run to when you want to purchase a sugarcane

Sugarcane is quite common, and you will conveniently find it in most groceries, supermarkets (grocery section), and directly from farmers. There is a close resemblance between the maize stalk and sugarcane.

However, despite the close similarity, it is easy to tell the difference between the two. Sugar cane resembles the bamboo plant.  Therefore, when you hit the nearest grocery store, it will easy for you to know the sugarcane.

  1. Choosing the right sugarcane

Just like other fruits, sugar cane will go bad after sometime. It is that for that reason, we advise you to remain vigilant and ensure you get fresh raw sugar cane. It is easy to tell whether the sugarcane is of quality by merely examining the color, weight, and moisture of the stalk plus the inner fresh. Here are some of the tips to help you choose the right;

  • Colour: Go for sugar cane that has light Green stalk fading to yellow coupled with reddish brownish patches. It would help if you avoided sugar canes that are white cracked and have black spots.
  • Weight: Select that sugar cane that is thinner and has denser stalk. This is because they have more moisture compared to thicker ones. Choose sugar cane that has a long joint section. This eases the process of cutting and eating sugar cane.
  • Inner flesh: Ask the seller to cut one end of the sugar cane; this will help you determine the status of the inner fresh. If you find out that the inner flesh appears off-white, moist, and opaque flesh, pick that sugarcane. However, avoid the sugarcane if the inner fresh appears either dry or red.

Also, it is essential to note the fact that sugar canes come in different varieties. You will find sugarcanes with either a soft or hard exterior. You have the discretion to choose sugar cane that you feel best suits you.

  1. Preparing the sugarcane

Once you pick the sugarcane that meets the standards we have discussed above, it is time to prepare the sugarcane. Get yourself a sharp knife and a chopping board. Cut off at least an inch from each end of the stalk. This ensures you get to the juicy part of the sugar cane by removing the dry portions.

Sugar canes stalks are long, and it may prove a challenge for you to eat it that way. We, therefore, recommend that you cut it into smaller pieces of about six inches. In cases where you fail to eat all the sugar cane, you can keep it for another day or share it with your friends. When cutting your sugar cane into pieces, you notice that it is easier to cut the sugarcane in between the thicker joints. Also, keep in mind that portions between the joints are the easiest to chew.

After dividing the sugarcane into pieces, pick those that you want to eat. Place them on the chopping board and initiate the process of removing the outer layer.

Using a sharp knife, remove the outer layer that cannot be chewed. Stand the sugarcane on its end and gently cut down to eliminate the outer layer. Repeat the process until you are done. Exercise a lot of caution to avoid injuring yourself.

  1. Eat your sugarcane

After you have removed the outer layer, you must be salivating your juicy sugarcane. Depending on your choice, you may go ahead and cut the sugar cane into small pieces that you can chew at easy. Also, you may bite small pieces from the stalk using your teeth. You have full discretion to choose how to enjoy your sugar cane.

Once a piece of the peeled sugar cane gets to your mouth, chew the fiber to extract the sweetness—this where the first health benefit comes in. Eating sugar cane is one of the surest ways of making your teeth healthy. Once you have extracted all the sweetness from bagasse, do not hesitate to spit it into a dustbin. Repeat this process until you are completely satisfied.

Once you are through with eating the sugar cane, it is always advisable to keep the environment clean. Therefore, we advise you to dispose of all the waste and wash your hands with soap.

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