Each and every one of us likes to maintain accessories that look stylish and absolutely fashionable. From sunglasses to bracelets and rings to piercings, all of these accessories are in great demand in present times. Among these sunglasses is easily the most popular choice. Hence most people opt for it.

Repair Scratched Sunglasses Polarized Lenses

Most people who own a pair of sunglasses generally value them a lot. Apart from providing respite from the sun, it makes for an amazing fashion statement as well. It goes without saying that we hate it when we get a scratch on our favorite pair of glasses.

  • Polarized sunglasses are those types of sunglasses that protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.
  • Usually while driving or traveling sun rays reflect off a lot of shiny substances and this hurts the naked eye.
  • Here is where polarized sunglasses turn out to be useful. To remove scratches, people prefer using toothpaste.

How to Remove Scratches from Mirrored Sunglasses?

Everyone who owns a pair of sunglasses is well aware of the pain that even a minor scratch brings about. Hence you should always be highly careful when it comes to taking care of your glasses. Here’s how you can remove scratches from mirrored sunglasses for your reference.

  • Mirrored glasses are those sorts of glasses that have usually a layer of coating on the glasses.
  • People prefer using these glasses because this coating protects their eyes from the harsh sun rays.
  • To remove scratches from a pair of mirrored sunglasses, most people generally prefer rubbing it gently with a cloth.

How to Remove Scratches from Ray Ban Sunglasses?

Owing to the raging popularity of sunglasses they continue to be in heavy demand even in present times. As a result, a lot of manufacturers exist now who try and produce the next best pair of sunglasses. Among this vicious competition, however, the brand of the ray ban stands tall.

  • Among enthusiasts of sunglasses, ray ban shades are extremely popular. This is due to both because of their stylish look and also because of the reliability of the brand.
  • Removing a scratch from a pair of ray ban sunglasses is tricky. It involves using a paste of baking soda and water.

How to Remove Scratches from Plastic Sunglasses?

Owing to the mass production of sunglasses, we now have sunglasses in every other material out there. Some of these materials gain a lot of popularity over time because they are very budget-friendly for the user. Plastic sunglasses fall into this category. Here’s how to remove scratches from them.

  • You’ve to use a similar procedure to remove scratches from your plastic sunglasses that you do for others.
  • The most popular method that people prefer using is to use toothpaste to deal with the scratches on the glasses.
  • Applying toothpaste on the scratch and rubbing it gently with cotton helps.

How to Fix Peeling Polarized Sunglasses?

Among regular uses of sunglasses, polarized sunglasses enjoy a lot of popularity. This is due to the fact that they work amazingly well when it comes to protecting the user from glare. Additionally, they make for a highly decent fashion statement also. Here’s how to fix your peeling polarized sunglasses.

  • Most sunglasses have a layer of coating on them that is generally anti-reflective in nature.
  • When this layer starts showing signs of coming off the process is known as peeling.
  • Some people believe that the best solution to fix the peeling of the lenses is by cleaning them well after use.

How to Remove Scratches from Maui Jim Sunglasses?

Among sunglasses manufacturing companies, Maui Jim is one brand that is extremely popular among the users. When it comes to the sheer numbers of their production, Maui Jim is actually the third largest maker globally. Here’s a guide to help you remove scratches from your pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.

  • Getting a scratch on a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses invites more headaches than you might imagine.
  • It is due to the fact that unlike other cases you can‘t resort to simple rubbing and polishing tactics.
  • Maui Jim advises its users to actively approach their repair department in such cases.

How do You Get Deep Scratches Out of Sunglasses?

As careful as you might get with your pair of sunglasses, some accidents are just plain inevitable. Subsequently, in those cases, the damage that you cause to your sunglasses is comparatively greater as well. Here’s a guide to help you remove deep scratches from your pair of sunglasses.

  • Most users treat a normal scratch on their sunglasses by rubbing it with a regular polish.
  • However, this is not the case when it comes to dealing with deep scratches.
  • In the case of deep scratches, you’ve to resort to using a particular paste of baking soda and water. This works well.

How can I Fix the Scratches on My Glasses?

No person wants to see a scratch on their glasses. Sometimes however these things happen when we are not paying attention to them. In that case, we must know good counters to deal with them as well. Here’s how you can fix scratches on your pair of sunglasses for reference.

  • To help remove scratches from their pair of sunglasses most people carry a small piece of clean cloth with them.
  • It helps more if the piece of clothing is lint-free. You can gently rub the cloth on the region which has the scratch to deal with it. This generally helps.

Can You Fix Scratches on Mirror Sunglasses?

Except for select brands of sunglasses you can actively deal with scratches on most others. Most of the time you don’t even have to approach a professional to help you remove the scratches. If you have the necessary things you can easily do it yourself.

  • If you’re attempting to fix a scratch on mirror sunglasses for the very first time then it can be intimidating. However, it’s actually quite simple.
  • You can use your toothpaste to fix the scratch on your mirror sunglasses.
  • All you’ve to do is to apply some on the portion of the scratch and then rub gently.

Sunglasses Scratch Repair Service

Sunglass scratch repair service centers are usually very active these days. Most people prefer approaching a sunglass scratch repair service center rather than attempting to fix it on their own. Sometimes this is vastly convenient because these professionals have tools that help you save on a lot of time.

  • Maui Jim is a popular case of the manufacturer directly referring its customer to its repair center to deal with accidents.
  • Most of the top-notch manufacturers of sunglasses adopt this technique.
  • This is because their glasses are of delicate make and so they require professionals to fix scratches on them.


  • The moment that you buy your sunglasses, make sure to get a case for it as well.
  • Subsequently, get into the practice of putting your glasses in its case whenever you are not using them.
  • In the case of deep scratches on your sunglasses, prefer approaching a proper repair center. Do not attempt to fix it yourself.
  • In such cases attempting to fix the glasses on your own can cause more harm than good. Always trust professionals on such matters.