Can you have an internet without a phone line?

Satellite broadband – satellite broadband is available anywhere and you won’t need a landline. However, the cost might be more than paying for broadband with line rental, and coverage and speeds could be worse.

Can a router work without a phone line?

And whether you’re struggling with dodgy home internet speeds, or just don’t have a phone line at the moment, 4G routers are a quick and hassle-free solution.

How does broadband work without phone line?

Also known as ‘full fibre’ broadband, this connection type uses fibre optic cables all the way from the telephone exchange to your home and so doesn’t need to use copper telephone lines at any point. With this being the case, you don’t need a landline.

Can I get nbn without phone line?

If you’re making the switch to the nbn™, you might be wondering if you need a home phone line like you do for ADSL. The good news is that, unlike ADSL, the nbn does not require a phone line to deliver the internet to your premises. … If you’re switching to the nbn and still want a home phone line, no problem.

How do I connect to nbn without a phone line?

No, you do not need an active phone line to get an internet service on the nbn™. Unlike ADSL, the nbn™ does not require you to have an active landline. Most ADSL customers only have a phone line so they can have an internet connection.