How do you get gems fast in Animal Jam 2020?

Top 5 Ways to Earn Gems REALLY FAST
  1. Adventures. Adventures are the easiest way to earn gems in Animal Jam.
  2. Double Gems. Take a stroll through Jamaa, and you may find a game with a floating sign by it that reads “GEMS x2”.
  3. Falling Phantoms.
  4. Best Dressed.
  5. Temple of Trivia.

How do you get free gems on Animal Jam?

How do I get more diamonds on Animal Jam?

Getting AJ Diamonds
  1. Become a member. Members get one free diamond every week.
  2. Buy a membership card. Most 6 month membership cards come with 25 diamonds!
  3. Try your luck at the Daily Spin. There is a slight chance you’ll win diamonds by participating in the Daily Spin.

How do you get Sapphire fast in 2020 on Animal Jam?

– Sapphires can be earned from the daily spin and by getting mini-game Achievements. – If you have a Membership, you earn Sapphires every day that you log in! – Players in a Pack also have a small chance of earning Sapphires from the Gem Tree every hour.

What are the codes for Animal Jam?

Can you gift sapphires in Animal Jam?

How can I get free sapphires?

With Animal Jam Gift Cards, kids can get access to cool “member-only” features in our animal game, which includes bonus diamonds and PlayWild! Sapphires for them buy cool den items, awesome pets, amazing animals, and fun accessories using our in-game currency.

Where is the gem tree in Animal Jam?

What are some animal jam codes for diamonds?

the Pack Hideout

Can you buy sapphires with gems in Animal Jam?

The Gem Tree resides within the Pack Hideout. It will generate gems, and rarely sapphires, for Pack Members to collect.

How much is Max sapphires in Ajpw?

Working Animal Jam Codes
Code Prize
coolpolarbear 750 gems
cuddlykoala 750 gems
curiousraccoon 750 gems
dashingdolphin 750 gems

What are some codes for Animal Jam 2021?

What is a diamond code?

Sapphires can be purchased with real money via an In-App Purchase. – Players with memberships on Animal Jam Classic are awarded Sapphires everyday they login to Animal Jam. – Please note that any Premium items, avatars, den, or pets recycled will grant gems, not Sapphires!

How do you get free diamonds in Royale high?

Note: If you desire to sell or buy items worth more than max (1,500) sapphires, try using another route.

Is Animal Jam shutting down 2020?

Whenever a new player account is created, the username is screened by AJHQ to make sure it’s good. During this screening period—which usually takes 24-48 hours but much longer during high traffic periods—Jammers’ usernames show up as “New Jammer”. Once a username has been approved, it will show up in Jamaa.

Did Aparri quit?

Giveaway Codes
Code Reward AJPW Reward AJ
ajpwcake Animal Jam Play Wild Cake 500 Gems
penguins Pet Rockhopper Penguin Penguin Igloo Peak Penguin Pet Penguin
pwbday4 4th Birthday Cake N/A
AJFREE 2 Weeks of Membership (nonmembers) or 150 Sapphires (members) 2 Weeks of Membership (Nonmembers) or 10 Diamonds (Members)