It can be annoying to have a car full of smoke smell.

Read on below and figure out some tips and tricks on how to get smoke smell out of the car.

Smoke smell is one of the most stubborn things that can happen to your car.

Either you must be getting a second hand one or if someone you know smoked in your car, in both these cases, the smoke can get in the upholstery for a while. Let’s find out how to get smoke smell out of the car.

1. Thorough Cleaning

Before you dive headfirst into some tricks to make your car smoke free, you should first clean it thoroughly.

If your car has trash and other dirt in it, there is a strong possibility that even after using some of the tricks below you might not be able to get it smoke-free. So, a thorough cleaning every once in a while is what every car needs.

Start by getting rid of any solid trash that you have lying around in your car. Make sure there are no cigarette butts as they can emit a lot of strong smells.

Look for pieces of ash that might’ve been hidden in the corners and clean those out. Also, look through the glove box and make sure there’s no extra stuff in there. Remove any tissues or pieces of clothes as the smell could be stuck in them as well.

2. Coffee Grounds

This one is perfect for all the coffee lovers out there. If your car smells like smoke, then simply take some coffee grounds and put them in a cup.

Put the cup or holder on the dashboard of your car. You can also do a smell check beforehand to see where the smell is coming from.

Place your coffee beans wherever the smell is the strongest. Turn all the windows up and make sure that the car is sealed. Leave the seeds in there for a few hours and you should be good to go.

3. White Vinegar

Similar to coffee beans, white vinegar also does an excellent job when it comes to getting rid of the stubborn smoke smell. Take a cup and pour some white vinegar in it.

Once done you can place the cup in the holder present in your car. Leave it there for a few hours or overnight. Keep the windows closed while you are doing this step. The vinegar will help in getting the smoke smell out of the car.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is essential when it comes to cleaning of all sorts. It can do wonders with car smoke smells as well. Since baking soda is an odor neutralizer, it will get any smell out of your car efficiently.

For this method, we would recommend using a vacuum to clean before you put the baking soda. If there is ash in the car it will further increase the smell so, try to get it out of the way.

Vacuum the car thoroughly. Make sure you clean properly under the seats and in the crevices. Once done place a cup full of baking soda in various spots all over your car.

Let it sit overnight and check the results in the morning. You will have successfully gotten rid of all the smoke smell out of your car.

5. Fruits with Citrus Smells

This one is for all the fruit lovers out there. Citrus fruits have the strongest smells and can help a lot when you are trying to get smoke smell out of your car.

There is no hard and fast method for this one. You can simply eat oranges while you’re on your way to work. When you’re done eating, don’t throw away the peels.

Collect these peels and put them in your cup holder. It will only take a few hours for the car to be filled with the fragrance of oranges.

You can also grapes or place lemon wedges in different corners of your car. Instead of the smoke smell, you will have a fruity scent wafting through your car.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

A lot of times the smell in your car won’t leave because the smell has stuck in the upholstery. For such situations, you can use hydrogen peroxide.

Take a spray and fill it with approximately 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Add white vinegar and shake it well.

First, wipe the upholstery clean with the help of a damp cloth. Now, spray the mixture on the smoke smelling parts of the car and let it sit for a couple of hours or until it dries down.

You can repeat the same steps twice or thrice to get the best results. Keep the windows closed during the process.

7. Washing

Lastly, wash your car with the help of detergent water thoroughly.

Use a damp cloth, dip it in the detergent water, and clean the interior of the car. This is a great way to clean you and get rid of all the weird smells.

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