Jailbreaking is a technique used to unlock your gaming console.

When you want to install mods and cheats in your PS3, and the console does not allow you, then you can jailbreak it to achieve your goalPS3 is one of the best gaming consoles.

However, it does not allow you to install games without permission. Also, it does not allow a gamer to install cheat codes or third-party apps. In such a situation, you can jailbreak it. In this article, we will tell you about jailbreaking PS3. Read on!

What is jailbreak?

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In general, the jailbreak is a technique used illegally to unlock any device or gadget. The purpose is to access some features and functions that the console usually not allow. When it comes to jailbreaking PS3, the main aim is to unlock some features. It is important to know that unofficial unlocking of PS3 can cause a permanent ban. Also, Sony can void your warranty of the console because of the illegal act.

Should You Jailbreak your PS3?

Jailbreaking your PS3 depends on your specific situation. For example, if the console does not allow to unlock certain features officially, then you can jailbreak the device. Otherwise, it is a bad idea. Expert gamers believe in playing games fairly. Anyway, before we tell you how to unlock or jailbreak the PS3, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of the unofficial act.


When you jailbreak PS3, you can play MKV video files. It is one of the best video formats these days. Since PS3 does not support MKV video format, you have to jailbreak it to play the files. When you have a jailbreak on your console, you can watch these files in HD formats. Here are some other benefits of jailbreaking your device.

Backup Games

Sometimes, the CDs or Disks of the games can go bad. Thus, you can’t play games. In general, PS3 does not allow us to make a backup of the games. However, when you jailbreak the device, you can save files on the hard drive of the console. Likewise, you won’t worry about the disks of the games that can become unplayable.

Install mods

Another advantage of jailbreaking your PS3 console is that you can install mods. They are user-made files, which can be installed to customize a game. At the same time, jailbreaking allows you to install cheat codes and improve your gaming experience.

Play pirated games

Generally, we don’t encourage playing pirated games. However, if you can’t afford expensive games, then you can jailbreak your device. When you do this, you can easily play pirated games on the PS3 console.

Run third-party apps

As you can see, the console has strict rules. It does not allow users to run third-party apps. However, jailbreaking the console will enable you to download and run apps on the device. For example, you can run Ubuntu, Linux, and other operating systems on your console.


On the one hand, the PS3 console has many advantages. On the other hand, jailbreaking technique comes with many downsides. Here are a few disadvantages. Continue reading!

No firmware update

When you jailbreak your device, the console won’t provide firmware updates. Even if you download updates from a third-party website, the installation will take a long time. For instance, when Sony releases a new version of firmware, you can’t download and install it. So, this is certainly a discomforting experience for users.

No game updates

PS3 is a great gaming console for playing high-quality games. Some games release updates to provide smooth playing. However, with a jailbroken console, you won’t go online. Also, you can’t sign in to your PSN network account.

No cloud storage

When you have subscription service enabled for the console, you will get access to cloud storage. Here, you can save games and other important files. On the other hand, jailbreaking means no cloud storage. So, you can only use the hard drive of the console. You can’t access the PSN account.

No online gameplay

The biggest disadvantage of jailbreaking your PS3 is not having any access to online gameplay. For example, you can’t play call of duty multiplayer game. Surely, it is the worst experience for any first-person-shooter fans.

You must know these things before deciding to jailbreak your console. Make sure your device stays offline because the company will take strict action for jailbreaking. Finally, we are going to tell you how to jailbreak your PS3.

Step by step jailbreaking procedure

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You can’t jailbreak a few versions of the PS3. For example, you can’t jailbreak the slim PS3 firmware. At the same time, it is not possible to jailbreak a super slim console. If the firmware is 3.55 or above, you can’t jailbreak it. Besides these, all other devices can be jailbroken.

Before you start the jailbreaking process, make sure you have a flash drive of 8GB space available on it. Make sure you have installed all the latest updates. You may also need Win-RAR or any other zip file extractor.

Step 1:

Download the jailbreak file from the internet. Make sure you check the file. Most often, it is a zip file. Now, empty your flash drive and then format it. You have to format it in FAT 32 file system using your PC or laptop.

Step 2:

Once done, you need to check the model of your console. The model starts with CECH. You can file it under your console. Use the model to check whether or not you can jailbreak your console.

Step 3:

After thoroughly checking the firmware and model of the PS3, you would come to know about jailbreaking the console. So, if everything is okay, proceed with the jailbreaking. Now, you have to extract the files from the zip file on your PC. Then, copy these files onto a flash drive. Proceed to the next step.

Step 4:  

After copying all files to the flash drive, connect it with the console. Go to the settings and then navigate to the system update. Choose update via media storage. Follow the steps and prompts of the console. Now, remove the flash drive and plug it back to the computer. Once done, copy the updated folder in the USB drive. Make sure you accept the “overwrite” prompt.

Step 5:

The final step requires you to plug in the USB drive back into the console. Then, go to the settings and navigate to the section called “Update via Media Storage.” Next, follow the prompts and update the console. Thus, you have now jailbroken the PS3.

Final Words

If you follow the steps correctly, you can easily jailbreak the PS3 console. Again, we don’t encourage jailbreaking the PS3. However, if you don’t have any other way to file media files, then go ahead and follow the steps given above.

Moreover, if you can’t buy expensive games, again, proceed with the jailbreaking method. We have already explained the pros and cons of jailbreaking the console. So, before you do this, make sure you are well aware of the consequences.

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