How do I logout of LINE on PC?

PC App
  1. Click your profile photo on the top right.
  2. Click ‘Logout’ from the drop-down menu.

How do I logout of the LINE app?

How do I logout of all devices on LINE?

Tap Devices. From the Devices screen, you can see the name of the device logged into your account and how long it’s been logged in. Tap Log out for any device you don’t want to be logged in to. If you tap Log out from all services, all devices logged into LINE services will be logged out.

Can I use LINE app on two devices?

With the smartphone version of LINE, the same account cannot be used on multiple devices. Only one phone number or email address can be used to verify one account per device.

How do I recover my LINE account?

*1: If you have registered an email address, you can recover your account by logging in again on the same device. However, once this has happened, all of your friends, groups, and chat history will be deleted. If you have not registered an email address, your account will be deleted.

How do I log into LINE without a phone number?

The good thing to use your Facebook account is that your friends on Facebook will automatically be added as your LINE friends. This is the only way to get LINE account without phone number.

How do I install lines on two devices?

Activate One LINE Account In Two Phone

Open the LINE Lite, tap the log in button. The select YES when you will ask is you already using LINE on a mobile phone. Tap on YES again if asking you want to use your existing LINE account on multiple devices.

How do I put a LINE on my desktop?

To use LINE for PC, please register an email address on the LINE Lite app. See here for the steps to register an email address. After registering an email address, download LINE for PC here. Once LINE for PC is downloaded, try logging in by using the email address and password you registered on the LINE Lite app.

Can we use LINE on laptop?

How do I open a second LINE account?

With the latest update to the desktop (Windows/Windows 10/Mac) and Google Chrome versions of LINE, you can now sign up for LINE from computers and tablets! After installing LINE, select the “Sign up” button to sign up for LINE.

How do I use the line on my laptop?

LINE – A freeware instant messaging application. LINE is a communications application for all kinds of devices, including smartphones, PCs, and tablets. One can use this app to communicate via texts, images, video, audio, and more. LINE also supports VoIP calling, and both audio and video conferencing.

Does line have a desktop version?

How do I verify LINE account on PC?

In 2015, a lower-overhead Android app was released for emerging markets called Line Lite. This supports messages and calls but not themes or timeline. It became available worldwide in August 2015.

Line Lite.

Developer(s) Line Corporation
Operating system Android
Size 8.89 MB

Is LINE safe to use?

Letter Sealing
  1. Log in to the PC version of LINE.
  2. Go to the Chats tab and open a chat window.
  3. Click Verify your identity to reveal a 6 digit verification code.
  4. The screen to verify your identity will appear on the smartphone version of LINE.
  5. Enter the 6 digit verification code from the PC version of LINE.

How do I change my desktop LINE?

Line is a free, secure messaging app available for a variety of smartphone devices and PC.

How do you display letter sealing lines?

Go to to update your LINE. (Note: For information on how to perform an account migration for a LINE version higher than 9.2. 0, please refer to Either click the link or scan the QR code below to update your version of LINE.

How do you verify a LINE?

How do I find the verification code for my computer?

In any version later than LINE 5.3. 0, navigate to More > Settings > Chats & Voice Calls > Letter Sealing. LINE for iOS and Android can enable Letter Sealing just by toggling this option.

How do you get letter sealing off line?

To verify your identity:
  1. Start LINE for PC.
  2. Log in using your email address or the QR code option. Note: The verification code will appear on LINE for PC after entering your email address and password or scanning the QR code.
  3. Start LINE on your smartphone and enter the verification code that appears on LINE for PC.

Why are line letters sealed?

Get a code from Settings on your trusted device
  1. Go to Settings > [your name].
  2. Tap Password & Security.
  3. A message says “Account Details Unavailable.” Tap Get Verification Code.

How do I stop my letter from sealing?

Go to the Home tab > Settings > Privacy. 3. Turn Letter Sealing OFF, then turn it back ON again.