What are exotic looking features?

What is an exotic face?

When people say someone is exotic they mean that they inhabit an unusual beauty.They have unique features that on them,take on an air of elegance.Their eyes are a unique shape and have a luminous coloring.Their cheek bones would be set high.They would have full,crimson red lips.They would dress in a style that is quite

What makes a person exotic?

How do you get an exotic eye?

Just as a cute face, an exotic face is a facial attractiveness that has its own aesthetic.

What does it mean when a guy says you look exotic?

“Exotic” is a beautiful-looking word (That sexy X! That cute lil’ C!) that often describes beautiful things: An exotic bird. A beach house on an exotic shore…the kind you can only reach via a small plane, a ferry, a secret password and more money than any of us makes in two years.

Does exotic mean rare?