How do you craft in blockheads?

A crafting menu has a side-scrolling series of icons for the various things that can be created at that bench. Tapping on an icon will present the requirements for that item. If the blockhead has enough of the items available, the icon will have a green background and a green “Craft” button will be present.

Can you make clay in blockheads?

Use. Clay can only be used in crafting red bricks on a kiln or electric kiln and red dye in a press, it can’t be placed on ground or on table. Clay can also be created in a press with 1 dirt and a bucket of water.

How do you make bricks in blockheads?

Red Bricks is a block in The Blockheads. These blocks resemble dark red bricks glued together with construction mortar. Red Bricks can be crafted at a Kiln or an Electric Kiln for one Clay.

How do you make a portal in blockheads?

A portal can be crafted at a level 2 workbench for one stone and 120 time crystals. Prior to version 1.5, it instead required 100 time crystals.