How do I create a supergroup in Telegram?

When you have made the group on Telegram, open the chat and find the three-dotted button in the top right corner of your screen. That button is going to open up some more options to you. You will be able to see the Convert to Supergroup option in that pop-up menu there. Click on it now.

How can I upgrade my Telegram group to supergroup?

Clicking the group once opens it in the main panel. Click the group’s name in the title bar. It’s just above the main panel. Scroll down and click Upgrade to Supergroup.

What is a supergroup on Telegram?

Supergroups are optimized to host large online communities and will load quickly, even if you’ve missed many messages while away. New members can see the entire message history when they join. Deleted messages will disappear for all members. Ordinary members can only delete their own messages.

What is the difference between group and supergroup in Telegram?

Every basic group can be upgraded to a supergroup. A supergroup can have up to 100,000 members (users and bots). The main difference between a supergroup and a basic group is that a supergroup can be either private or public. By default, a supergroup is private, but it can be made public.

Can Telegram Admin see deleted messages?

Check deleted messages from telegram groups

If you are an admin of a telegram group then you can check the deleted messages within 48 hours of the deleting. You must be the admin of the group to see deleted messages from the group. This message work only for 48 hours of the deletion of the message in the group.

What is remain anonymous in Telegram?

Anonymous mode is there to help admins keep safe from personal attacks by other members. By keeping their profiles hidden, admins can prevent other members from sending direct messages (spam, etc) or target them with offensive statements.

Should I use my real name on Telegram?


To make it easier for your contacts and other people to reach you and recognize who you are, the screen name you choose, your profile pictures, and your username (should you choose to set one) on Telegram are always public. We do not require your screen name to be your real name.

Can we convert Telegram group into channel?

You cannot convert a group into a channel. You’ll have to create a new channel and add the members manually or send them a link to join. Or you could change the permissions of the group so that only you can post.

Do Telegram channels pay?

Telegram doesn’t pay for channels or groups themselves, there is no monetization program inside it. People already make thousands of dollars per month by selling their products, services, or ads on Telegram channels.

How do you know if someone is stalking you on Telegram?

While it does provide you with a way to get alerts every time a new user joins the platform, there is no way you can know who viewed your profile on Telegram. Just like Whatsapp and other social sites, it does not have a direct option that enables people to see who checked their profile picture.

Can you be tracked on Telegram?

Unfortunately, Telegram engineers have already fixed the bug, but if you can find an old version of Telegram, you may want to try it. However, the official Telegram for desktop and Messenger for windows can’t disable peer-to-peer calls. Hence, you can be tracked easily.

Can police track Telegram?

Yes. With appropriate authorization, generally a warrant, they can require these to be handed over.

Does Telegram notify if you save profile picture?

No. it will not notify. Telegram will only notify if your contacts have join in to use Telegram.

When Telegram shows last seen recently?

“last seen recently” on Telegram means that the user is active in less than 1 min or within 48 hours. The user is changed his last seen time settings to Nobody can see his last seen time. So, you won’t able to see last seen time exactly.

Will someone know if I add them on Telegram?

When you add a number on your contacts and if he is on Telegram then he will get a notification that you have joined. If you have changed the privacy settings for who can message you or see your number to Nobody then the person would not get notified if you add his contact on your phonebook.

How can I tell if someone screenshot my Telegram?

Is it a secret chat? If so, Telegram prevents screenshots and sends a notification that you tried to take a screenshot.

How can I track someone on Telegram?

To start receiving Telegram data, log in to the mSpy Control Panel. Apart from Telegram, you will be able to track text messages, calls, GPS location, browsing history and much more.

Does Telegram save pictures?

First run the Telegram app. Then click on the three-line icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. From now on, any photos shared in the telegram environment will be automatically saved to your device gallery (mobile, tablet, computer).

Who gets notified when I join Telegram?

By default, Telegram syncs your contacts to its servers. When a new contact joins, you get a notification about it. Your contact will also come to know that you’re using Telegram. If you want to keep your identity private, you can stop the Contact Sync feature.

How can I be notified when someone is online on Telegram?

To get notifications when someone comes online on Telegram, just send him a message asking a question and when he replies to your message, you will be notified and this tells the person is just being online.

Can you find someone on Telegram without number?

From now on, you can choose a public username in the Settings section of Telegram. If you do, anyone will be able to find you by your username and contact you – without having to know your phone number. To find people by username, just start typing any name in the search field of the Contacts section.

How do I reply privately on Telegram?

Please add reply privately feature. You can always tap the user’s profile picture in the chat (from where their message is) to open their profile, then message them directly from there.

Can you screenshot Telegram self destruct photo?