Wearing braces has become a trend these days. There are a lot many reasons to wear braces. Maybe we want to look attractive to our costume, that is why we need matching braces or we need it for some special occasion, etc.

If you have any serious problem and for that, you are looking for braces, then this is not for you guys, you need to consult the dentist for that.  Let’s explore how to make fake braces.

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How to Make Fake Braces Using a Paper Clip & Beads?

There are many ways to make fake braces and making fake braces with the help of paper clips and beads is one of them. For this, you need to consider the steps below, see here more details from YouTube video.

Unroll a Paper Clip with Your Hands

For this step, you need to take a thin paper clip and then unroll it using your hands. If you take a thick paper clip then it would not be that easy to unroll it and also this would not be suitable for this project. It will come out with a fake look so avoid using a thick paper clip. Also, the beads we will use will not fit in a thick paper clip.

Give a ‘U’ Shape to the Paper Clip

Now, it’s time to bend the paper clip in ‘U’ shape that is the desired shape of our jaw. After bending it just plain out any kinks that are left. Test it such that it would fit in your upper jaw. Fix all the areas that look fake or unnatural.

Count the Teeth when You Smile

This is a funny step, but you need to do this. Count the number of teeth that are visible when you smile naturally. You will require one bead for each tooth that is visible.

Thread the Beads onto the Paper Clip

This is an easy step; you can find beads from any nearby store. Choose the color of beads that you want on braces. Then thread them onto the paper clip and hold it up to your jaw. Place each bead such that there is only one bead per tooth. Once they are centered properly, carefully keep down the brace.

Glue the Beads

You need to carefully perform this step. If any bead gets distracted from its place then the braces will not look up to the mark. So, carefully place them and stick them with non-toxic super-glue. After the glue is all dried up, scratch the excess glue from the brace. Here, we use super glue as it will not break down for 3–4 weeks in your mouth.

Bend the Ends of the Paper Clip

Now, bend the ends of the brace at 90 degrees (in ‘L’ shape) using a pair of pliers.  And this will result in the doubled wire.

Apply Orthodox Wax at the Ends

Grab the orthodox wax from any nearby drug store and roll it into two small balls, after that place it at the end of the braces such that the paper clip is covered at the ends.

Try Your Braces

Now, your braces are ready, place them in your mouth and you are ready to show off with your fake braces.  So, this is how to make fake braces using paper clips and beads.

How to Make Fake Braces Using a Rubber Band & Earring Backs?

Making fake braces with the help of a rubber band is a bit easy. Here, you don’t have to mess around with any type of metal. You will only require a proper rubber band.

So, let’s discuss how to make fake braces using a rubber band and earring backs.

Search for the Rubber Band that Fits You

This is the initial step and we have to perform this with great attention. Here, we need to get a rubber band that fits our teeth (the front as well as the back). Remember, this is going to be the base of our brace. So, choose carefully.

The most convenient way to find the best rubber band is to go for the small rubber bands that are used for braids.

Count the Number of Visible Teeth

Now, you have to smile naturally and count the teeth that are visible. This is an essential step don’t think to skip this as this will help you to find out how many butterfly earring backs you require for the braces.

Add Butterfly Earring Back

In this step, we must have one butterfly earring back for each visible tooth. Now, place them on the rubber band such that the rounded part is facing outside and the flat part is against your teeth.

Using the superglue, paste the butterfly earring back on the rubber band and let it dry, after that scratch off the extra glue.

Test & Try

This is the last step, now we need to place the braces in our mouth and test them. And with this step, you are good to go with your flawless fake braces.

And now, we are ready with our braces.

How to Make Fake Braces with Foil?

As we have discussed the other ways of making the braces, making the fake braces with foil is an interesting thing to practice. Making these fake braces is one of the easiest ways.

Let’s Explore how to Make Fake Braces Using Foil

For this, we need to take a foil and cut it equal to the length of our jaw. To measure the foil, we can use a thread and insert it in our mouth. Now, hold the thread from where our jaw ends. And after that take the thread out and mark the points on the foil. This will help you out to measure correctly.

  • Now we need to fold the sheet three times and unfold it.
  • Measure the size again by placing it onto your teeth. And press them against your teeth so that the foil takes the shape of your teeth.
  • If the foil is a little bigger, you can cut it out or give it another fold.
  • Repeat the process for another jaw and you are good to go.

Benefits of Using Fake Braces Using Foil

The fake braces that are made using foil are beneficial in so many ways.

  • The very first thing is that these are the best fake braces amongst all because they don’t have anything that will cause damage to your teeth.
  • Another advantage of using these braces is that we can wear them for longer periods.
  • To make these braces, you only require a foil and a pair of scissors.
  • As we know that wearing fake braces is a new trend these days especially among teenagers, and we know that the fake braces that are made from metal can lead to the risk of scratching the enamel. Hence, it is considered the safest braces for teenagers.

So, now we are clear how to make fake braces and we can show off the braces anywhere.


  • The most important thing to remember while going for fake braces is that they are only for a temporary purpose. And you need to take them out whenever you step in-home or at your comfort place.
  • It is highly recommended not to wear these fake braces for too long. Another thing to keep in mind is that these fake braces will only last up to three to four weeks. Don’t use them after a limited time as this will lead to the melting of superglue in your mouth which is awful.
  • You have to be careful while inserting or removing the metal braces as they can risk scratching your tooth enamel which is dangerous. So, it is always recommended to take all the precautions before indulging in any of the new things.

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