How do you make good sashimi in animal parade?

To get decent Sashimi you have to use any fish worth up to 299G, to get good the fish(s) needs to be worth AT LEAST 300G, perfect 700G and shining 1400G. Goby is only worth 13G so even if you put 6 in it wouldn’t be enough to make good quality Sashimi.

Can you get divorced in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

No, there’s no divorce in Animal Parade. You just end up with a surly spouse until you learn to be nicer.

How do you make a good cornmeal animal parade?

How do you make coffee in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Once inside, you’ll find a bucket where you can grind various items like Corn, Wheat, and Buckwheat. If you place your Good Corn in the grinder you will create Cornmeal. On rainy days the quality of items produced will decrease at the Waterwheel; your Good Corn may turn into Decent Cornmeal.

How do you make friends on harvest moon animal parade?

It took me a while to figure out how to make coffee, so for anyone who is wondering:
  1. Get coffee beans from tree.
  2. Use windmill in Flute Fields to make ground coffee.
  3. Put ground coffee in pot.
  4. Done!

How do you get the bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

To make friends faster, do this in the SAME ORDER:
  1. Rub them by passing a second wii remote on the person.
  2. Talk to them.
  3. Give him/her his/her favorite food.

How do you get the yellow bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Return to the 10th floor of Garmon Lower Mines after you’ve met up with the Goddess and you’ll see that Owen has destroyed the rock. Walk through the path to discover the red bell pedestal, but the bell is missing! Go to the surface and talk to Ramsey, go outside and walk around.

Where is the circus in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

How do you upgrade your rucksack in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

You can find the Yellow Bell if you walk from your farm to the beach in your Farmland, just south of the bridge that leads to the Flute Fields. The two of you spot the bell half-buried in sand. Unfortunately Collin is so weak that he can’t be of much help, but manages to make fun of Finn before he fades away.

How do you get gold ore in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

How do you fix the Minecart in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Theodore’s Circus

Once a season at 3:00 pm, Theodore appears with his animal friends. He sets up his circus tent at the church plaza, and stays there until 8:00 at night. The first time Theodore comes to visit is on Spring 22 of your first season in the game.

How do I upgrade my rucksack Tree of Tranquility?

What is the basket for in Harvest Moon?

You can upgrade your rucksack as soon as you obtain the Animal Whistle and meet the Harvest Goddess at her pond. If you go back to Harmonica Town and visit Flute Tailors, you’ll find Yolanda and Shelly in front of the store.

How do you get the first rainbow in Tree of Tranquility?

What does Martha like in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

Bring Bo something to eat for the next 3 to 4 days. Give him the food when he is by the mine cart after 8:00 am and you’ll help him find the energy he needs to fix the cart. After his appetite has been subdued, Bo will have the cart fixed.

How do you expand your bag in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

Rucksack Upgrade

You can upgrade your rucksack by speaking to Shelly, who runs the Tailor Shop, but instead of paying, you will need to provide a few items. Your first upgrade will be received for free; just speak to Shelly and she will give a complementary upgrade.