Are you having a hard time opening compressed binary (BIN) files or those with .BIN extensions? Here are four easy ways to get the job done, whether on your mobile device or on a computer:

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  1. Burn the BIN file

Although you can open .bin files in the basic binary format using a text editor on your computer, there are times when you may encounter errors in opening some BIN files directly. One of the easiest ways to open BIN files without using a program is to burn them on a CD or DVD.

To do this, you’ll need to create a CUE file by typing FILE “filename.bin” BINARY on your notepad. Replace the filename.bin command with the BIN file that you want to burn then type, TRACK 01 MODE1/2352 on the next line followed by INDEX 01 00:00:00. Save this file on the same folder as your BIN file using the same name as the file but with a .CUE extension.

Choose a program to burn your BIN files and wait for the image file to be loaded completely. A popup will tell you how much disk space you’ll need, after which you can insert a blank disk and click burn. After the process is complete, you can test the disk if the file has been burned properly.

  1. Mount the BIN file

In this method, you will need virtual drive software to help you open and download the BIN file. You’ll find a lot of free options online but WinCDEmu is a popular choice because of it easily lets you mount any inaccessible BIN file. After downloading this software, right click the BIN file and choose any of the fake drives to place it on your System Tray and click “Mount” after. Also look for other CUE files on the same folder of your BIN file and load those up.

Your computer will instantly recognize the physical disk and will prompt you with an “Autoplay” option or show you the actions that you can do with the disk. You can also go to “My Computer” and find the BIN file.

  1. Download a BIN opener app

If you’re using an Android device to access a BIN file, you can download a BIN opener app by going to the Google Play Store to search for BIN converter or ISO extractor apps. After the app is installed, connect your device with a computer so you can change file labels before putting the files back to your device.

To avoid any problems with the app, go to your phone’s Settings first, choose App Manager and check Unknown sources. Then, tap the Developers menu on App settings and choose USB Debugging protocol. After this, you need to connect your device to a computer and choose the Disk Drive option so you can mount it on disk mode.

View the contents of your phone and look for the .BIN file that you’re trying to access. Right click that file and change the file extension from BIN to .APK. Eject your device from the computer and disconnect the USB connection. Then, tap the app to locate the .APK file and install it on your Android device so you can start using it.

  1. Convert the BIN file into ISO

In this method, you’ll also need a good converter program that will allow you to change your BIN file into an ISO file. MagicISO is a free program that you can use for this task. After installing the program, launch it and go to the “Tools” menu. Choose Convert and click the “BIN to ISO” option. Click the Folder icon near the “Choose source file” and look for the BIN file that you’d like to convert.

Change the output file name and folder and click “Convert” to start the process. Conversion may take a few minutes, especially if the file is large. Once the conversion is done, mount the file using a virtual drive like “DAEMON Tools.”

If you’re using Windows 8 or 10, just right click the ISO file and choose “Mount” to burn it. You can also burn the file using the Windows Disc Image Burner or programs like MagicISO and Nero.


There are a lot of ways to open .BIN files, whether you’re using a mobile device or your computer. Just make sure that you’re downloading credible programs and apps like the ones we recommend here to avoid any problems with your device later on.

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