How do you play Clash Royale for beginners?

Short version
  1. DO NOT leak elixir. If you wait on 10 elixir while your opponent plays, you’re giving him the advantage. …
  2. Don’t activate the king. …
  3. Don’t just drop units at the bridge. …
  4. Defend on your side of the arena. …
  5. Don’t overcommit on defense, space out your troops.

Does Clash Royale have a strategy?

Push slower troops with troops with a very fast speed.

For example, push a Valkyrie with a Prince or Hog Rider for a low-risk and high-reward combo. Or push a Giant Skeleton/Giant/Golem with Battle Ram. This will make the slower troop get to the tower and deal damage faster.

How do I play 2021 on Clash Royale?

Why is it so hard to win in Clash Royale?

Basically, Supercell coded Clash Royale so that you were willing to attempt to go up higher when drop. This was done as you were placed against people with higher trophies than you, giving you a lower chance of winning.

Why do I always lose in Clash Royale?

The worse your internet connection, the slower you’ll be able to respond to their pushes, resulting frequent losses (provided you’re still playing with that internet). Playing while tired makes you unable to focus in a battle and as I previously said, Clash Royale requires constant focus in order to win.