How do you speak moaning?

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Is the G silent in length?

So, the “g” is not actually pronounced as a “g,” but it is not a “silent” letter either. It is actually pronounced in words such as “anger” and “linger”—but the same sort of thing does not happen in “strength” and “length” because of the “th” sound that follows immediately after.

What is to moan someone?

​[intransitive, transitive] moan (at somebody) (informal) to complain about something in a way that other people find annoying synonym grumble, whine.

Is the G silent in hanger?

hanger – the thing you hang your clothes on. This one is pronounced without a hard ‘g‘, i.e. ‘hang-er’ (in IPA /hæŋə/ or /hæŋəɹ/). hanger – portmanteau of hungry + anger; the anger one has because one is hungry.

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