How do I reset Sony Vegas to default settings?

How do I reset my Vegas 16 layout?

How do you reset Sony Vegas 15?

How do I change the layout of Vegas?

How do you reset Sony Vegas Pro 14?

How do I get rid of AB in Sony Vegas?

How do you fix and B in Vegas?

How do you fix double tracks in Sony Vegas 14?

How do you group audio and videos in Vegas?

How do you group things together in Vegas?

Select the events you want to group together. From the Edit menu, choose Group, and choose Create New from the submenu (or press G).

How do you split clips in Vegas Pro?

How do I unlink video and audio in Vegas?

How do I convert Vegas Pro to MP4?

Under Output File, select MP4 files you want to render or export to, and choose a name. To export MP4 video from Sony Vegas, you can choose Internet 1920×1080 30p video. If you want to see export templates that match project settings (resolution, frame rate, etc.), check that box.

How do you delete a video but keep the audio in Sony Vegas?

How do I speed up a clip in Sony Vegas?

What is velocity in Sony Vegas?

You can use a Velocity Envelope to increase speed to 1,000%, or 10x, or slow speed to as little as 1%. You can also change playback speeds within the same event, so you can ramp up speed and slow back down as many times as the length of the event allows. ✓ Drag a new clip to the timeline.

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