How is kombucha pronounce?

So how is kombucha pronounced? It’s pronounced kuhm·boo·chuh.

What language is the word kombucha?

It has been hypothesized that English speakers mistook the Japanese word kombucha to mean fermented tea, when in fact, fermented tea in Japanese is called kōcha kinoko (紅茶キノコ, “red tea mushroom”) The Merriam-Webster Dictionary maintains that the use of kombucha in the English language likely stems from the

How do you say kombucha in Japanese?

I’ve heard this fermented beverage be pronounced all manner of ways, but the most widely agreed upon correct pronunciation for kombucha is: kom-BOO-cha. The first part of the word – kombu – is thought to come from the Japanese word for seaweed, kombu.

Why do people pronounce kombucha kombucha?

The first is that it’s as it appears: ‘kom-boo’. Similar to “”Kombu”, the brown seaweed used in Japanese cooking (which has nothing to do with kombucha, however). The second puts a more Northern English twang on the pronunciation: “Kom-buh”, with the letter ‘u’ emphasised as a lower case pronunciation.