Is it pronounce Porsche or Porsche?

The correct way to pronouncePorsche” is actually as a two-syllable word: “Por-shuh.”

Is the E in Porsche silent?

While the Porsche is thought to be pronounced “Porsch,” with a silente” at the end. This pronunciation is incorrect. “Porsche” is actually a two-syllable word with a stressed vowel on the “e” with German pronunciation.

Is Porsche a German word?

Secondly, unlike the word Audi, Porsche is most definitely a German word — a proper name, in fact.

Why do Americans say Porsche?

English speakers tend to pronounce Porsche either as Porsh (common in the U.S.) or as Porsh-uh. Those who pronounce it as Porsh usually do so because the ending e is typically silent in English words. Those who pronounce it as Porsh-uh do so because: that is what they’ve heard from others.