Fake IDs are prevalent all over these days.

Spotting the fake ones from the real ones is a nightmare for the common manIt is tough, but not impossibleThe following are the different ways that people use to spot fake identification cards.

How can You Tell a Fake ID?

The advancements in technology have made fake ID manufacturers create identity cards very close to the original ones. The best way out is to carry out both physical examinations of the identity card.

  • Hold the ID in between the thumb and the index and middle fingers of your hand and squeeze it gently. A duplicate one will show a difference in weight or thickness when compared to the genuine one.
  • The real IDs have round edges. If it is otherwise, then it is a fake one. Try peeling the corners of the ID with your nail. The real ones will not peel back.

How can Bouncers Spot a Fake ID?

Variations in Fonts

If you find the name in one font and other details in different fonts, then it is a duplicate card. Real IDs come with the same fonts at most times.

Alignment Issues

A real identity card has the name, address, and birthdates in proper alignment and in a column. The fake ones might not have this basic alignment or some sloppy spacing.

Visible Holograms

All IDs now come with hologram. If this hologram is visible, bright, and clear at one glance, the ID is counterfeit.

Rough Edges

Bouncers check card edges to see if they are smooth and uniform. The fake ones often come with rough and flimsy edges.

How to Spot Fake ID in California?

FLAG technique is used very commonly in California to check duplicate IDs.

F ‘Feel’

The latest Californian cards after September 2010 would have raised the date of birth numbers. Insert a fingernail on the side or edge of the card and try to separate the three layers bonded together. They are fake if they peel off.

L ‘Look’

Adult cards are horizontal and have an image on the left whereas the minor ones are vertical with the image at the right. Check out the Californian Brown Bear laser shape at the back of the card using a flashlight. If anything is wrong, it is not original.

A ‘Ask’

Randomly ask questions about the various locations or entries on the card to find out if the cardholder is using fake one or not.

G ‘Give Back’

If the card looks genuine after inspection, return it to the rightful owner.

How to Spot Fake ID New Jersey?

  • NJ IDs are laminated and genuine ones will not crease the covering or rip it apart when you press the ID in between the fingers of your hand.
  • Genuine IDs have UV features and use UV flashlight to see if these faint images show up.
  • Look out for intersecting printing that crosses over to other fields. NJ IDs have a signature crossing over the ghost image.
  • The full-size image on the ID is not of good quality in real IDs and the ghost image should be less visible than the real image.

How to Spot Fake Ohio ID?

  • Ohio IDs come with an overlay system. Hence, the card bend test is a good option to see if the card is fake or real. If no creases or cracks, the card is genuine.
  • It comes with 3 UV markings, 2 state symbols with great detailing, and at the very top has Ohio with the date at which the state was founded.
  • The ghost patterns with a series of lines running across and changes color as it goes from left to right on genuine IDs. The main picture also has micro-printing that runs and intersects the front of the face.

How to Spot Fake Georgia ID?

  • The Georgia ID has layers fused together. These layers are deeply infused and hence it does not peel or strip off when using fingernails. The fake ones can peel quickly.
  • Polycarbonate is the material used to the cards and hence they are very rigid. Drop it and you will feel the sound of dropping a CD. Fake ones might not be so rigid.
  • Multiple Laser Images security features are where the logo, numbers, portrait are visible to the naked eye only at certain viewing angles.

How to Spot Missouri Fake ID?

  • Authentic Missouri IDs will have smooth edges and use the fingernail test to see if the card layers peel or not. If it does, it is not genuine.
  • The main picture should not have red eyes. It should not come with bumpy surfaces, or fuzzy letters or numbers.
  • Look for the barcode on the back of the card and if it has a hole, then it is invalid.
  • The real Missouri ID has ‘Show Me’ words printed across that are only visible through UV flashlight. The signature on the card must only be in black ink.

How to Spot Fake Card Texas?

  • Run fingers over the ID. See if there are any raised or bumpy surfaces on the photo or text. If so, it is fake.
  • Real Texas identity card has ultraviolet ink marked Texas that is visible only at any angle and through the UV flashlight.
  • Microprint on this Texas card is seen on the state seal and close to the flag. The fake ones show only fine lines and not the actual text printing.
  • The card has a magnetic strip at the back. It is an easy option to replicate. However, scanning the strip can reveal different information than what you see on the front of the card for a duplicate one.

How to Spot Fake ID in Arizona?

The new Arizona ID is sophisticated to prevent the creation of fake IDs.

  • The new plastic ID has printed on both sides with barcodes running along the top and prints wrap around the edges. The fake ones will not have the prints running into the edges.
  • Squeeze and band the ID and it should return to its original shape. The duplicate one might break and some good quality ones will hold its shape back. But, you might witness some cracks on them.
  • Hold the flashlight behind the card and you see perforations of State of Arizona light up and look as if the state symbol is floating. The quality fake one will have much fewer holes.

Do You Go to Jail for a Fake ID?

There are a few consequences you need to face when you are caught using a fake ID. You can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor for possessing a fake ID and presenting it to police officers.

  • Misdemeanor possession of a fake identity card is a punishable offense. You can go behind the bars for up to 1 year. The other penalty and fines are community service, summary probation, and/or fines up to $1000. It varies from state to state.
  • You might face up to 3 years of state prison and face penalties like community service, formal probation, or fines up to $10,000 for felony fake ID possession.
  • You might face a revoke of your driving license for up to a year.

What Information is Needed for a Fake ID?

The following are the details that you see in a fake ID.


It is understood that the ID needs to have a name. As it is a fake one, the users usually fake the last name and use the real first and middle names. This way they can safeguard the information on the card to legally tie them to the card.


Fakers will not provide their real address and would try to give an address that they can easily remember when asked.


As it is a fake ID, the users would put an age that they like and most of them use 21 as the legal age.

Face Picture

It is important that you get most of the face part perfect in the image. Use your real image and take the photo in constant lighting against a solid color background.


The fakers should provide a picture that has a fake name and not their real name. They try out the duplicate signature several times on white paper and then go on to sign the real fake one.

Tips on Spotting Fake IDs

  • Bending the ID card by placing it between your fingers is a great way to differentiate the real with the fake.
  • Using the fingernail on the card’s edge to try to spit the layer is a good idea to tell whether it is real or fake.
  • Running the finger on the ID to see any bumps or rough edges is a telltale sign that the card is fake.

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