You are headed out of your house, get into the car, and start the engine.

As you prepare to start the journey, you see itThe windshield is cracked!

This problem doesn’t just appear from nowhere. They can happen even if you park your car far from the street. A change in sunlight or temperature can result in cracks. A poorly repaired or manufactured windscreen can crack under little pressure.

Furthermore, the windscreen can get damaged when hit by hails. Most people have fallen a victim to this frustrating interruption. However, this guide explains how to get rid of windshield cracks.

  1. Assess The Extent Of The Crack

Begin by evaluating and inspecting the windshield to check the nature of the crack. You can make a personal decision whether you can fix the windshield crack personally. You can also take the car to the garage for replacements if the glass is beyond repair.

Make sure you prevent stressors like dirt, water, and other debris from getting inside the crack.  Use a clean tape to keep the crack lean on normal conditions, but it won’t help when taking your vehicle to the car wash or while driving under severe weather conditions.

  1. Always Take Precautionary Measures

In case the windshield got damaged due to extreme conditions or hail, placing the car back in such conditions may open up a wide door for similar damages. To get rid of this, you can place the car under a shade or park it in a garage if you have one. A garage is safer if you want to protect the screen from anything falling from the tree that might add damages.

When driving during the summer season, make sure you switch on the air conditioner to carefully transition your car to make it handle both cold and hot temperatures. Do this during the winter season too.

  1. Hire a Professional

If you assessed the damage and realized that fixing it yourself won’t stop the windshield crack, ensure you look for a professional to help you carry out the task. Never wait for long to repair the glass. Dealing with the windshield cracks immediately you spot them will save you more.

Bigger defects and cracks can greatly lower the windshield strength and limit your visibility while driving. Never wait until the crack enlarges as you can easily fix a smaller crack. If you keep on waiting, the crack can worsen to the point that it can’t be replaced and you’ll be forced to change the whole windshield.

  1. Use Nail Polish

Many folks have reported success after using an acrylic bail polish to fix the windshield cracks. To use nail polish, start by cleaning the dust and dirt out of the crack. After that, rub on some small nail polish outside and inside the crack and other parts where you suspect the crack might spread. This helps you fix the glass together as you plan to visit a professional.

Remember that this method is a temporary fix and you must still take the windshield for inspection by an expert.

  1. Buy a Windshield Repair Kit

To personally repair the kit, you must have a windshield repair kit purchased from a local automotive spares store. The kit comes with an adapter and a special resin that you can force in the crack. Additionally, the resin prevents further spreading of the crack, lowers stress on the glass, and protects the crack from any outside elements.

Make sure you drill a small hole with a 1/16-inch drill bit on one side of the crack via the upper side of the glass only. After that, force the resin on the seam.

  1. Find A Super Glue To Repair The Glass

Rather than buying a repair kit, you can alternatively use a cyanoacrylate glue as super glue. Use this even when the crack is too small. Carefully apply it on the windshield or spread it uniformly on the scratch after scratching the glass.

The glue holds the two parts of the crack together though preventing the crack from expanding.

  1. Seek Advice from an Expert

You can communicate with someone having experience in windshield repair. This person must have some knowledge, expertise, materials, and tools that he can use to repair the crack for some time.

The expert must contain the size of the windshield crack then make the problem a bit smaller than it was.

Dangers of a Chipped Windshield?

Flying objects can damage the windshield anytime you are driving. So even if your program is hectic, ensure you repair the cracked windshield immediately.

The temporary DIY recommendations listed here must give you some days to make an appointment then you can decide on looking for a cheap windshield repair rather than paying for the entire windshield replacement.

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