If ever you want to add some spice to your style, just walk into the nearest shoe store and ask for a high top shoe from converse.

In other words, a converse high top shoe is specially designed to add that extra persona that goes with your personality.

What are High Tops?

Shoes that are designed to extend a little over the wearer’s ankles are called ‘High Tops’. In other words, such shoes have a top that gives a person more coverage area for his or her feet and ankles. It is important to understand that such shoes should not be confused with boots. People wear them for workouts in a gymnasium, as also for sports such as weightlifting and power-lifting. They go well with denim and casual trousers. In other words, they are good, decent, and stylish weekend wear. Here are some videos that will give you a fair idea of what high tops are.

Shoes designed to extend over the ankles are called ‘High Tops’.

  • They are different from similar-looking leather boots.
  • They cover more area of the feet and ankles.

When do You Wear High Top Shoes?

High tops are shoes worn as a weekend stylish wear. In addition, they are also used by athletes. In other words, this sneaker type is hugely popular among the different genres of people. Finally, it will be correct to say that this iconic sneaker serves a variety of purposes as it offers a cross-section of styling options.

  • The high tops manufactured by a company called Converse are called ‘Converse High Tops’. They are very versatile and go well with denim, informal trousers, chinos, and shorts.
  • High tops serve the purpose of not only stylish weekend wear, but also fulfill athletic needs. Sportspersons like basketball and weightlifters commonly use them.

To know more about the history and evolution of ‘Converse High Tops’, you can refer to the following video on YouTube.

  • Many people wear high tops as stylish weekend wear.
  • They go well with denim, chinos, and even shorts.
  • In other words, ‘Converse High Tops’ are a popular sneaker brand.
  • In addition, sportspeople use them.

How to Tie Converse High Tops?

Since high tops have been a fashion signature for as long as one can remember, there is a specific way to tie them, or else they won’t carry the style they are worn for. In other words, if a converse high top has to accomplish the purpose of a style icon then the art of tying them should be perfect.

Therefore, one must first understand what a high top looks like. It is high on the ankles and has a lot more holes to run the laces through. In addition, there are holes on each side as well. Watch this video for more details about this sneaker.

Follow some simple steps to tie a converse high top. First up, make sure the laces go down inversely into the holes at the bottom of the shoe. Keep dragging the laces till you reach the upper part of the shoe. Here it is important to note that the top 2 holes on either side must be left open before you slip your feet inside the shoes. Then reverse the flap and make a bow with the laces before tucking them in on the sides of the ankles. Leave the upper 2 holes on either side open to give breathing space to the legs. Finally, you are all set to walk out in a style icon.

  • The laces should go down inversely starting from the bottom holes to the top.
  • Bring the laces up till the last 2 holes on either side.
  • Tie the laces as a bow and tuck them beneath the flap.
  • Leave the topmost 2 holes free for breathing space.

How do You Diamond Lace Converse High Tops?

In order to diamond lace a converse high top, you need to hold the lace at the same length after it has been pushed through the first 2 holes. Then the lace starts to get fed through the alternate sides in a reverse mode starting from the 3rd hole. Continue the process till you reach the last hole where you leave the lace flapping.

Finally, Some Tips to Tie Converse High Tops

  • Keep the uppermost 2 side holes open for breathing.
  • The length of the lace on either should be the same after feeding the first 2 holes at the bottom.
  • Wear high tops with denim, shorts, and chinos for informal wear.
  • Do not use high tops as formal wear with trousers.
  • Finally, tuck the knots of the lace beneath the flaps.

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