Having a loose T-shirt and wearing it as it is can lead to an odd look.

On the other hand, if the same oversized shirt or T-shirt is tied up in different ways then it can look trendy.

There are so many ways to tie up a shirt in your style. But here we will discuss all the possible ways which will help you out to pick up your favorite one and style it out.

So, let’s begin with all the easy as well as trendy hacks.

How to Tie Up Your Oversized T-shirt in Several Ways?

Let’s explore how many different ways we can tie our loose T-shirts.

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1.  Pick Up Your Loose T-shirt

So, go through your wardrobe and put on a loose T-shirt. The longer or looser the T-shirt the easier it would be to tie it up.

2.  A Simple Bun Knot at the Front

This is a cool way to tie up a T-shirt. Here, we have to tie up a knot in the T-shirt. So, here we go.

  • Make an ‘O’ using your thumb and index finger.
  • Slide the edge (waist area) of the T-shirt between this 0 and stop when you feel the T-shirt fits you.
  • Hold the fabric tight using your thumb and tie it up in a loop with the help of index finger and other fingers.
  • Pull the tail of the fabric through the loop and tie up a tight knot.
  • Tuck the end of the knot facing your belly this will prevent the knot look and from the front, an elegant bun will appear.

And we are done with this.

3.  Bunny Ear Knot

You can also try this method as this is less bulky.

  • Firstly, we need to gather two ends from the hem.
  • Take each end in both your fists. Cross them over each other.
  • After that pick one of the ends that is facing downwards and make it slide upwards over the other.
  • This is a simple knot as you tie something like just as you tie a pair of shoes. Now, pull both ends to tighten up the knot.

So it is very easy to look elegant with your bunny ear knot T-shirt.

4.  Play Around With Knots

  • You can try these knots anywhere you like. This is not a condition that you can tie the knots only at the front instead you can try them out at the back or the sides wherever you feel comfortable. And these knots look so trendy when you try them out you will know exactly how accurately your T-shirt fits you after you try these methods.
  • And now you see how we can transform a boring T-shirt into so many trendy looks. However, we still have many other tricks to tie a loose shirt.

How to Tie Up a Loose Shirt in All Possible Ways?

Now, we are finished talking about tees. And it’s time to carry on the knots with a buttoned shirt. So, here we go,

1.  Pick up a Short-Sleeved T-shirt & Knot it from the Bottom

This method is again so easy; you have to wear a buttoned shirt normally but don’t button it up. First, tie a knot at the end around your waist. Take the two ends of your shirt and tie them up. Keep it a double knot and then button it up. Now, you are ready with your fitting shirt.

2.  Pick up a Long-Sleeved Shirt and Tie it around Your Torso

Tie the shirt around the torso, make sure you tie or wear it up in a tube form. Here are the steps.

  • Place the long-sleeved shirt against your back, under the armpits.
  • Button it up from the front. Wrap the sleeves around you under the bust and tie them up.
  • Now, the collar is left. You can tuck it up or leave it as it is on the back that is up to you.
  • You can pair it up with a high waist skirt or anything you feel like.

It will give you a trendy look.

3.  Turn the Sleeves of the Shirt into a Halter

Let’s explore another amazing hack with an elegant look.

  • Place a long-sleeved shirt against the back and under the arms. Button up the shirt from the front.
  • Pull the sleeves over your shoulder and tie them at the back of your neck.
  • Give it a sturdy knot so that if pressure is applied it doesn’t come out.
  • Tie the knot in half-bow as it will look trendy. You can tuck the collar or leave it as it is.

And you are done with a new look.

4.  Turn Your Boring Shirt into a Cute Dress

As we have seen until now we have only discussed how we can make a top or tie a shirt so that it fits us. But now, we will see how we can turn the shirt into a cute dress.

  • For this, we require an oversized long shirt with long sleeves.
  • We have to wrap up the shirt around our body starting with the chest. Button up the T-shirt so that it fits you.
  • Now, rotate it such that the buttons are at your back & collar is at the front.
  • Now, it’s time to pull up the sleeves and tie them down under your bust or over your stomach.
  • Give it a double knot and you are done.

This beautiful dress can be worn in parties to light up the evening with a spark in you.

5.  Turn Your Shirt into a Pretty Mini Skirt

This is another great method when it comes to fashion.

  • Place the shirt around your waist and button it up. Wrap its sleeves around the waist and tie a knot.
  • The half bow will look more attractive. Tuck the collar inside and you are done.

Pair it up with any top and you are ready.

6.  How About Making Your Loose Shirt a Chick Fashion Statement?

This is how you do it.

  • Place your shirt behind your waist.
  • Tie the sleeves in the front.
  • The knot should appear at the front of your waist.
  • And you have enrolled in a chick fashion statement.

This style is very popular among youngsters and is suitable for a warm humid climate. You can wear a sando with a loose shirt. You can take down your shirt and wrap it up against your waist.

How to Tie a Shirt with a Hair Tie?

We have discussed so many ways to tie up a shirt or a T-shirt and this is one of the easiest ways to tie up a shirt. We can take a hair tie or a rubber band to perform this task.

Here, we have to follow these steps.

  • Make an ‘O’ shape using your index finger & thumb. Bring this ‘O’ under your T-shirt.
  • Now, pull some fabric from this ‘O’ and keep on pulling until the T-shirt fits you.
  • After that, tighten your hand and carefully tie up the fabric from inside using a hair tie.
  • And let the fabric take its shape when you are done.
  • The tighter you pull the T-shirt the farther you have to move from the hem.

So, after this, you will see a beautiful frilled type shape from the front and your T-shirt will look amazing.


  • These are some amazing hacks that will help you out to transform your shirts in a classic way.
  • You don’t have to stick only to your loose shirts or tees while we can also go for shirts of your brother or any other men’s stuff.
  • You can adjust all the styles according to your wish. However, you can take them far too up or far too down.
  • Always go for the style that suits your body type. If your height is great and if you opt for a short shirt and try to transform it into a cute dress, then it might be short according to your height. So, choose the outfit wisely.

How do you tie a shirt that’s too big?

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How do you tie a shirt in the front?

Start by unbuttoning your shirt from the bottom up until you get to the point where you want your shirt to end. Then, begin tieing a knot but make sure the side without any buttons is on top. Once you’ve tied one knot, tie a double knot with the side without any buttons on top again.

How do you knot a shirt without stretching it?

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How do you tie a bow on a shirt?

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How do you tie a pussycat bow?

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How do you tie a perfect bow?

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