What does it mean to vet someone?

Vetting is the process of thoroughly investigating an individual, company, or other entity before making a decision to go forward with a joint project.

Is it to vet or to VETT?

verb (used with object), vet·ted, vet·ting. to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, suitability, etc.: An expert vetted the manuscript before publication. to examine or treat in one’s capacity as a veterinarian. verb (used without object), vet·ted, vet·ting.

What does it mean to vet a girl?

Oppositely, they know what they do not want, and they don’t like to waste time. Ladies, rest assured, if you are vetting him, he is vetting you. … Sidenote: Vetting can be simple and in the moment, like perhaps observing someone before you approach them, or it can be as formal as acquiring a background check.

Is vet short for something?

Vet is an abbreviation for veterinarian. She’s at the vet, with her dog, right now. A vet is someone who has served in the armed forces of their country, especially during a war. Vet is an abbreviation for veteran.

Is VETT a Scrabble word?

Yes, vet is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is a vet slang?

Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment, conferring an award, or doing fact-checking prior to making any decision.

What is vetting a dog?

“Fully Vetted” means that the dog, at a minimum, has its required veterinary care; i.e., had a physical examination, received basic vaccinations, namely, Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella/Kennel Cough.

What does I’m a vet mean?

You are a vet if you served in the Armed Forces, or if you went to veterinary school and now give medical care to animals. The noun vet is short for either veteran (of the Armed Forces) or veterinarian (animal doctor). … Medically speaking, when a doctor vets you — or an animal — medical care is given.

What is a vet car?

n. (Automotive Engineering) Brit a car constructed before 1919, esp one constructed before 1905. Compare classic car, vintage car.

What chance means chat?

Bet. “Bet” is used when you’re in agreement with something. If someone makes plans and you say “bet,” that means you are confirming said plan.

How much does a vet make?

How Much Does a Veterinarian Make? Veterinarians made a median salary of $99,250 in 2020. The best-paid 25 percent made $126,260 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $79,430.

How do you spell Vette?

vette, tevet, evett.

What does Amazon vet mean?

Amazon VET Policy (All You Need To Know) VET refers to “voluntary extra time,” which is the option of working extra hours on top of your regular shifts. As more employers shift to offering voluntary extra time, you may wonder about Amazon’s VET policy.

What does vet it out mean?

vet (verb); vets; vetted; vetting. 1. To make a prior examination and critical analysis, or detailed evaluation, of a document, a line of action regarding someone or people, etc.: If something is vetted, it is checked carefully to make sure that it meets the requirements that government officials have established.