What are the two types of dependence?

Dependence on a medicine can be physical, psychological or both.

What do you mean by medicine dependence?

The current idea is summarized as follows: medicine dependence is a chronic, progressive disease characterized by significant impairment that is directly associated with persistent and excessive use of a psychoactive substance. Impairment may involve physiological, psychological, or social dysfunction.

What is the difference of medicine abuse and medicine dependence?

At the most basic level, the difference between medicine dependence and medicine abuse comes down to this: dependence implies an addiction in which the user cannot stop using the medicine. Abuse may occur – even more frequently than it should. However, a person who abuses drugs may do so in isolated instances.

What is the difference between dependence and dependance?

As nouns the difference between dependence and dependance

is that dependence is the state of being dependent, of relying upon another while dependance is (archaic) dependence.