How do you respectfully celebrate Chinese New Year?

8 Ways to Celebrate the Chinese New Year (Even If You’re Not Chinese)
  1. Clean and de-clutter your home.
  2. Decorate the house in red and gold.
  3. Set out some sweets.
  4. Give out lucky red envelopes.
  5. Prepare some meaningful dishes.
  6. Have oranges for dessert.
  7. Watch dragon and lion dances.
  8. Craft your own paper lanterns.

What is the correct term for Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year, annual 15-day festival in China and Chinese communities around the world that begins with the new moon that occurs sometime between January 21 and February 20 according to Western calendars. Festivities last until the following full moon.

Why do we say Lunar New Year not Chinese New Year?

Why we should use the phrase “Lunar New Year”

All three cultures are celebrating the beginning of the lunar calendar. But the problem arises when all three are thrown under the blanket term “Chinese New Year.” The term in its purest form implies that this holiday is exclusive to China and the Chinese people.

What should you not do on the first day of Chinese New Year?

Don’t clean on the first day of Lunar New Year

If you have a big Lunar New Year’s Eve family dinner, be sure to clean up before the clock strikes midnight. Good luck is believed to begin when the clock strikes 12, so you want to be sure not to wipe, sweep, or wash away any of that luck.

Why do people celebrate Chinese New Year?

The New Year celebration is centred around removing the bad and the old, and welcoming the new and the good. It’s a time to worship ancestors, exorcise evil spirits and pray for good harvest. Today it’s celebrated also by Chinese communities outside the country.

Is it OK to say Happy Chinese New Year?

How can I wish someone a Happy Chinese New Year? … It directly translates to “wishing you great happiness and prosperity.” In Mandarin, the same greeting is “gong xi fa cai” (pronounced gong she fa tsai).

Do you wish someone Happy Chinese New Year?

The most common greeting used during the Chinese New Year is a simple “Happy New Year,” also used during our regular Jan 1st new year.

Is Chinese New Year secular or religious?

New Year is generally a secular celebration.

Can you wash your hair on Chinese New Year?

On the first day of Chinese New Year, you must not wash or cut your hair. In Cantonese, hair is pronounced as faat (髮), which is the same as the word for “getting rich” (發). If you wash your hair, it means that you’re washing your own fortune away for the coming 364 days.

What does Kung Hei Fat Choy mean?

Happy New Year
Chinese New Year Greetings – Kung Hei Fat Choi (gōng xǐ fā cái) is traditional Chinese New Year greeting meaning: Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!; Happy New Year! … Chinese: 恭喜發財; pinyin: gōngxǐ fācái; in Cantonese: Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Is Kung Hei Fat Choy correct?

Kung Hei Fat Choy, which means “wishing you to make lots of money or a fortune,” is popular for two reasons. It’s mostly said among Cantonese during the New Year. … However, Kung Hei Fat Choy is simply outdated.

How do you say Happy New Year in Chinese 2022?

Kung Hei Fat Choy
Chinese New Year 2022 – Greetings, Sayings & Traditions. Kung Hei Fat Choy! In Mandarin, it’s Gong Xi Fa Cai or 恭喜發財 — still the popular way to say Happy New Year in Chinese.

What is the Chinese New Year 2022 symbol?

Year of the Tiger
That’s because each year is represented by an animal, called a Chinese zodiac sign, and legend has it that people born under that sign have similar traits to the animal. (The year 2022—starting February 1—is the Year of the Tiger.)

What is the year 2022?

Water Tiger
A Water Tiger year occurs every 60 years. Years of the Tiger include 2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938.….

Dates for Tiger Years.
Tiger Years Date Element
2022 February 1, 2022 – January 21, 2023 Water Tiger
2010 February 14, 2010 – February 2, 2011 Gold Tiger
Feb 10, 2022