If you want to get added benefits with your Xbox after purchase, you can install Xbox 360 Jailbreak with the help of Phat/Fat and Slim consoles including all the wother consoles that are compatible with jalbreak. This provides you with full administrator and developer rights but also voids your Microsoft’s license. To do this, you have to first update the firmware and then install the jalbreak third-party software.

  1. Get Your Xbox 360 Console

In order to begin the jailbreak process as of 2019, here is a list of items. We shall fisrt proceed as above, that is, without any internet connection or external hard disc. Even you don’t have to open up your motherboard or anything.

  • Find a USB drive with minimum 512 MB, which is a joke considering 16 and 8 GB pen drives all around us.
  • Try to bring something that will help you clean the back side of your console because there are ports and markings that you have to read properly.
  1. Find Your Xbox’s Age

You need to find out how old your Xbox 360 is exactly. On the back side of the console you can get it. There should be a sticker that you have not removed hopefully. It is ENAR the ports.

  • First find the barcode like sticker on the back side located near the AV port.
  • You will find his console serial number, the manufacturing MFR date and the product ID.
  • You can also follow the official microsoft’s guide on this.
  1. Download Jailbreak Software

Before you go any further, you need to have the jailbreak software that you can run. This can be done by downloading it from various online sites. There is no official download for this because these are community tested and verified.

  • Go online and search for Xbox 360 jailbreak software download.
  • From the first few links target the one that has been tested and verified by users, look at the comments.
  • Follow the instructions and download from the same.


  • All the Xbox 360 models are compatible for jalbreak and they have been thoroughly trusted and verified by many people.
  • There are guides on how to check the Xbox at official support forum so that you have set up your old Xbox by now.