Termites are annoying.

They are dangerous for your healthHowever, this does not mean moving to another houseYou can control the intensity of termitesThere are methods and ways, which you can use to kill termitesYou can also hire professional service to kill termitesTo save your property, you must act seriouslyOtherwise, they will damage your house.

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Killing termites is a concern for many homeowners. However, we think that it is not a serious issue if you keep things in place. Simply put, you need to follow the house protection protocols. You must know how to control pests and kill termites. It is because they can survive anywhere in the house. Here are a few ways to kill termites. Read on!

Professional Consultancy

In some situations, you may not perform the inspection. It is not easy to control termites yourself. This happens sometimes. Although we recommend doing things yourself, there is nothing wrong with asking experts. They can inspect your house expertly.

Also, they can apply effective methods. You can seek information from them on how to kill termites properly. Extermination companies are knowledgeable and have the expertise to kill termites. They know how to stop them from coming back.

Make sure you hire a good company. So, you need to ask people about experts and companies. You can also search for extermination companies online. Send them an email and describe your situation. Ask them the service price and schedule a date.


Pre-Treatment is essential before you fully eliminate termites from your house. Professional contractors will implement the right techniques and methods to prevent the breeding of termite. Make sure you pre-treat your soil and wood with the right chemicals. Request the professional contractors to take care of the soil and the wooden structures.

Baiting Method

Although this is a newly developed method, it is effective. Baiting is an effective way to kill termites. Professional contractors use this technique to attract termites on wooden structures.

Then, they replace wooden monitors with treated ones. The contractor will treat the wooden baits with chemicals and place them back in the affected areas. Termites will ingest the chemicals. As a result, it inhibits molting. So, you kill termites.

Chemical Barrier

In general, exterminating companies use a chemical barrier to kill termites. They make holes and trenches in areas full of termites. Then, the professional fill the holes and trenches with chemicals. These chemicals prevent termites from returning to the soil. Also, this way, they can’t reach your house. They also use non-repellent chemicals. When termites ingest these chemicals, they die.

Tenting Method

Although it is a bit complicated method, it works effectively. As the name indicates, the tenting method involves enclosing your property in a tent. It also involves fumigating the house.

The tenting method requires you to vacate the house for some time. You can take medications and edible items with you. This way, you can avoid contamination. The professional contractor will inform you and tell you when you should move from your house.

Make sure you notify your neighbors about the process. This is important. You must protect your neighbors too. Request them to keep away from your house.


You can either remove termites yourself by spraying the affected areas or hire a professional contractor. We recommend exterminators because they know how to kill termites accurately. They understand the procedures. The exterminator company will prevent them from coming back.

Besides, you must fully explain the situation before allowing the company to start killing termites. Again, request them to protect valuable items in your house while they treat the contaminated areas. Good Luck!

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