Gmail offers you a fantastic platform to send and receive emails in seconds.

However, the senders may want to know if their receivers have read their email or notGmail has options to let the senders know the reading status of the receivers, which are explained below.

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Know if Receiver Read Email Gmail

Follow and apply the steps explained below to know whether the receiver has read the email you sent to him or her.

  • Visit ‘’. ‘Sign-In’ into your Gmail account. Compose an email to your recipient by entering their email IDs on the address field and your message.
  • Click ‘Request Return Receipt’ that is located below the ‘To’ text box. You can see a new checkbox.
  • Checkmark the checkbox and send your email. You will get a confirmation on your Gmail inbox after sometimes. The confirmation message will keep you informed about the reading status of your recipient and the time it was read.

Know if Receiver Read Email Gmail in Mobile

These days, people mostly use mobile phones to send emails than computers. Mobile phones offer convenience and comfort to send emails from anywhere around the corner. Besides sending emails, you can also get notifications as soon as your recipient opens and reads your message.

  • ‘Sign-In’ into your Gmail account on your mobile. You have to create an email for your recipient as you do usually.
  • Click ‘More Options’ located on the lower-right corner of the compose window. Click ‘Request Read Receipt’ from the drop-down list.
  • Then send your message. You will get notifications from Gmail on your inbox as soon as your recipient reads your message.

Know if Receiver Read Email Gmail App

Sending emails through Gmail ( is easy, but you may not know whether the receiver has gone through your mail or not. The following steps will help you know if your receiver has read your mail or not.

  • Open the Gmail app on your mobile device or desktop. ‘Sign-In’ into your account.
  • Send an email to your recipient. Once after you have created your message, enter the recipient’s address, and click ‘Request Read Receipt’ located on ‘More Options’.
  • Make sure to request read receipts before sending your email. Requesting a read receipt after you send an email is of no use.
  • Gmail will ask permission from your recipient to send the read receipt. If the recipient denies, you would not get notified about his reading status.


You can request read receipts for any emails you send. However, read receipts will only confirm that your receiver has opened your message, so you cannot be sure whether he actually read the message or viewed the attachment.

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