It is not unusual for guys to have a sexual inclination towards other guys with so many LGBTQ communities coming forth. Now, there are laws that protect their cases and celebrated personalities who advocate their cause worldwide. But, how exactly can you understand if someone, maybe your friend, is gay? Here are some signs that can help you with that.

  1. Don’t Fall for Stereotypes

  • Before beginning to tell who is gay let us try to tell who isn’t? This is difficult because most people would simply judge based on some stereotypes and that is very wrong for the person who is being judged. It is not simple.
  • Then, coming to the question about how gay one is? This is strikingly difficult for even the person themselves to understand and figure out. It is difficult as a child or a teenager to understand the differences, and as parents too, it can be quite daunting to understand the differences.
  • So, avoiding falling for stereotypes is a must in such cases.
  • Just because a person or amid dresses some way, eats or likes certain colors is never a definite way of telling whether they are gay.
  1. Experiment with Both Men and Women

Try to find out how it feels emotionally with people of different genders around. It is possible that there is not much difference and it is still nothing clear.

The best way still is to explore your sexuality.

You can begin with experimenting with your attractions. Whether you are included towards men or women, or to some degree towards both. It is not required to go ahead and tell everyone about it. You can just keep these things to yourself, try and organize in your mind. You got to be sure about something before announcing it to everybody and that is crucial. The steps in the right direction will always induce confidence and allowing you to be around genders you like.

  1. Coming in and Out, Again

  • One of the signs that you can get through this process is simple enough to get a clue. Whenever you begin the process of exploring yourself sexually, this is called “coming in”. It involves exploration at both stages: physically and emotionally.
  • Then you have to do the big deal. The huge step would be coming out to your nearby people and announce whatever it is. Now, a lot of people consider this as a one-way door where you can walk into just once and there is no return.
  • In contrast, this is completely untrue. You can go ahead and keep exploring and take your own time. You can walk through the door more than once.
  • A lot of people are stressed even in their twenties about their inclination and they come out more than once. It is nothing like if you have announced you are not gay, and then you find otherwise, you are not allowed to do so.

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