Many women have unwanted fat on their face and it could also lead to a double chin that looks ugly. In order to have the perfect jawline, there are ways to work on the facial muscles and tone the areas around the jawline in order to get a chiseled look that everyone adores.

Here are eight simple ways of getting a cleaner look of your jawline:

  1. Aerobics for Your Jaw

Exercise helps to reduce fat and that can work for your facial fat as well. Simple movements such as head twists, opening the jaws wide and around can be repeated several times every day to get the fat burning off your face.

  1. Smiling is a Good Exercise

Did you know that you can tone your facial muscles by smiling as well? It is good to smile and it can help enhance your mood as well as get your jawline working as well.

  1. Chew Gum

This is another effective way to exercise your facial muscles. When you chew gum and move your jaws it helps to work the muscles and fat in the mouth region. Ensure that you choose a low sugar gum if you plan to pop one into your mouth every now and then.

  1. Chin Lifts

This is another way that you can exercise your facial muscles. Look up towards the ceiling and strain your lip up, as if you are trying to kiss something. Keep your mouth in that position for ten seconds. This can be repeated ten times every day to help tone up jawline and chin.

  1. Making a Fish Face

Make a pout with your lips pursed together and hollow out your cheeks. Try smiling in that position and hold that pose for some time. You can try this whenever you are by yourself or simply play around with this expression to get your face some exercise.

  1. Massaging Techniques

There are ways you can massage your face, either with a massager or with your fingers. Ensure that you move and tone the muscles up that helps to maintain muscle tone. It would also help activate the fat cells in your facial region.

  1. Facial Treatments

Whether you are washing your face or applying any topical product, ensure that you move your fingers from bottom to up. This will help to tone the facial muscles.

  1. Clenching the Jaw

Practice clenching the jaw and holding it for ten seconds. That will help to tighten the jaw muscles as well.