Is Mars in Aries bad?

Negative Traits of the Mars in Aries. With Mars in Aries, these people are so sure of themselves that nothing can stand in their way. And if anyone argues or holds them back, you will see their quick temper flare up immediately. Thankfully their anger doesn’t last long, though, for they have no time to hold grudges.

Do Mars in Aries have a strong presence?

A lot of this is because Mars in Aries people have an unstoppable force of will. And because their force of will is so strong and unique, Mars in Aries people tend to work alone, or else, if working with others, they’ll more often be seen in a position that can work autonomously or in a leadership position.

What do Aries Mars like sexually?

Mars in Aries

They prefer relationship when it’s wild, without inhibitions, and fast. This is not a sign that enjoys a long, graceful period of foreplay. They’d prefer to get right to the relationship, and when they do, there’s no holding them back.

What attracts Aries Woman Mars?

Mars in Aries Women

They’re usually attracted to confident, strong, and independent men who are athletic in appearance. These are women who want a man who doesn’t play games or beat around the bush, but most of all, they’re attracted to partners who can make life exciting and keep up with them.

What does Aries in Mars mean?

And when it enters cardinal fire sign Aries, Mars is virtually unstoppable, as Aries is considered the planet’s home sign. When Mars is in Aries, we can all expect to feel bolder and braver in charging forward toward new beginnings, taking initiative in our lives, and letting our passions lead the way.