Google Drive offers all sorts of features that you would need to form a cloud repository.

It has Google Docs, Google Slides and complete integration for inter-file compatibility.

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To use Google Drive on the iPhone, you will need to have this app installed on your device first. When you do that, you get the ability to access files from the drive.

  • The other way can also be using your browser like Safari to Log-In to your Google Drive using your Gmail username and password.
  • When you open/access a file on your iPhone or iPad, here is an article from Google Support that tells you how to print them via other applications like Google Docs for documents.
  • When you open any file, tap on the three horizontal dots near it, to expand the more, and then tap on the ‘Share and Export’ option, and then finally tap on ‘Print’.
  • Under print, you get the options for ‘Google Cloud Print’ –, and then just follow the instructions that it tells you to.
  • Finally, you have to tap on print. If you have your printer connected over Wi-Fi, you can send the file directly for printing via iPhone/iPad.

When you are using the Chromebook from Google, there are a few options. For those versions which didn’t have support for Android apps, you need to download the file from Google Drive using your web browser.

  • You can either download the document or photos from Drive using the web browser or then send it to print to your printer attached to the network.
  • You can open the Google Drive app from inside your Gmail. Then, if it is a document, you can open it using Google Docs, and then you will get the option to export, or print.
  • If your printer is attached, you can follow the instructions, and finally, click on print. This will send your document to the printer.

When you have an Android device, you have Google Drive – by default. Open this app, and then open the file you wish to print. You always get to change settings like page color, size, and orientation, etc. before you can finally print the document.

  • In the case of Android, the extension icon is three dots in a vertical manner, which is opposite of iOS.
  • Rest of the steps remains the same from step 1, as you did with iPhone.


  • Google Drive has almost identical UI across devices, and this makes it easier to access, and print files or photos as you please.

Connecting the printer might be an issue, in which case you can always download the file or export it as PDF, and then print elsewhere.

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