It’s really peaceful when all our efforts put in gardening turn fruitful. Since we want to have more healthy tomatoes, there is a need to focus more on providing suitable conditions for tomatoes unlike giving nutrients and energy equally to all parts of the plant. Pruning helps to do this. Tomato plants are useful additions in to the home and the process of growing them is easy.

  1. Examine the Variety of Plant You are Growing

Determinate varieties grow well as bushy plants and they usually have healthy fruits even without pruning as they easily direct energy to fruits. Plants come in various varieties under the same group, and you need to make sure you know which plant you are growing and what you can expect from him.

  • Whereas, indeterminate varieties need to tie straight like grape vines and requires a huge amount of pruning.
  1. Firstly, Let the Plant Grow as Usual Till 2 feet Tall

Till then don’t harm the sapling since it may leave the plant prone to shock which in turn may affect the healthy growth. Provide a good amount of nutrients.

  • The plants that grow more than 2 feet, is something that is tangible for the home environment and it is a sign that the plant growing is healthy.
  1. Now When the Plant has Grown Above 2 Feet it’s Time to Look for Suckers

Sucker is like extra arm which unnecessary as it consumes the energy which might have been used in fruit growing, whenever you see the just prune it off.

  • It’s better to do this when the suckers are young hence leading to the easy recovery of the plant.
  • Avoid removing from top of the plant (around 10inches from the tip). If you simply pinch the entire part then it is called ‘simple pruning’ whereas leaving two-three leaves to stay by just plucking out the top of sucker is known as ‘Missouri pruning’.
  • It’s preferable to prune during the morning as sunny day make them limp leading them to tear if we prune.
  1. Till the Plant Grows up to 12-18 feet Tall Never Leave Flower to Grow

Pinch it off. In this way, the plant can have more energy in the roots and growth of leaves. There is no need for fruiting at this early age.

  • When you finally allow flowering, tie the plant up using cloth strips (preferably).
  • And minimize the number of clusters of fruits. This ensures that more energy goes to the same fruits leading them to grow bigger and healthy.
  • Remove yellow leaves as they are the ones which use more sugar.
  1. A Month before Harvest, before Winters, Carries on Topping off the Plant

By this time the plant might have grown to its maximum height. It’s time to cut off the top part. This prevents the further set of new fruits and flowering.

  • All of the energy goes to existing fruits enabling them to ripe faster and remain healthier.
  • Never prune it earlier than this as it may limit the height of the plant.


  • We can literally make energy flow mainly towards fruit growth to have healthy fruity tomatoes. And the method also allows having more plants in the same area. By this method, the plant becomes less dense which allows more ventilation and it’s not easy for pests to hide and escape.

And also remove leaves that are near to the ground as they are more prone to diseases since their soil contains severs pests and disease.